Dollar Day DogBlog: Tad's Facebook Posts August 30 - September 2

2 September 2014


The Daily Tad

Seems to be a rabbit thing going on.

20140902-easter-bunny1 20140902-easter-bunny2

Just to put a final stake in the heart of the rabbit-pictures thing, here are a couple of horrible Easter Bunnies.

Nobody can accuse me of being either sentimental or timely.

Here’s a conundrum. When I write my books and other stuff, I never wonder about who’s going to read any of it. But when I sit in front of a Facebook status, or other such online thingity, I’m always wondering about it.

(No, this isn’t a lead-in to one of those “post telling how you met me in one word” posts.)

It’s just something I wonder. Who reads this stuff? The hundred or so people who respond regularly? (Yes, I see you all, you overachievers, you.) The thousands who are supposedly on my friends list? Others who might be reading on my FB writer page but can’t reply directly? And what do they think? Is it like joining a crowd around a particularly weird accident, so you can tell your friends in the break room the next day?

“You should have seen it! They couldn’t do anything to help him — he was babbling and totally covered in clown pictures. Man, that was messed up.”

Todd T.: And I thought MY self-promotions were shameless! YOU WIN!!!

Tad: Many people who thought they were as shameless as me are sitting in Shame Seats today.


Don’t let this tragedy happen to you. Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, the new Bobby Dollar book, might sell out at your local retailer. Buy now!


Does someone you love need a copy of the new Bobby Dollar book?


“Yes, I have an entire warehouse full of copies of the new Bobby Dollar book, SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY. What’s it to you?”


“Well, if you two silly cubs didn’t save your money for the new Bobby Dollar story, you’ll just have to wait your turn for the Bear Country library copy.”


Clint buys his literature in bulk, but you only need one copy of SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY to enjoy it.


You, too, Pixie? Well, that’s cool, because SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY is coming out in the UK on in just nine more days.


You’re right, Aloe Blacc. Everybody does. See you at the book store!


Yes, that’s what they all say. But Bobby doesn’t care, because his new book, SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY, is out and about.


Sorry, swag-bearing, bearded buddy. You’ll have to pay regular money for SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY, just like everyone else.


Even tiny thugs are swapping the new Bobby Dollar book for dairy-based treats!


Dr. Evil knows you can never have too much of a good thing. The new Bobby Dollar book is large and in charge!

20140902-honey-booboo-dollar1 20140902-honey-booboo-dollar2

Two of America’s leading citizens are excited about the release of SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY!

How about YOU?

“Gurdeep Malhotra,” I said. “God loves you.” “Who are you?” he asked, stumbling to a stop. “I’m Doloriel, your angelic advocate.” I gave him a moment for that to sink in. “I’m afraid you didn’t survive your accident.” He stared. If blood had still been flowing in his veins, I’d have said he went pale. As it was, he seemed to lose resolution for a moment as the shock washed through him. “But . . . but I can’t! My son! It’s his . . .”

He shook his head slowly. “My wife! Will I never see her again?”

“There’s a lot I can’t tell you,” I said as kindly as I could. In fact, there’s a whole lot I don’t know myself. “But first we have to prepare you for judgement. That’s my job. I will do everything I can to defend you. I know you were a good man.” (I didn’t really know that yet, but it never hurts to calm a client down so you can work with them.) He was still staring at me. “But you . . . you are an angel? How can this be? I am not a Christian!” “That’s okay, Mr. Malhotra. I’m not a Christian angel. I’m just an angel.”

Bobby D is Back. Today. SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY. Get your copy now from your favorite bookseller or order online.

1 September 2014


The Daily Tad

Don’t ask me to explain. It’s the damn bunnies, they make me do this.


Warning: Giant Bugs Are Closer Than They Appear.

Not only is he a wonderful artist, I was lucky enough to meet him and hang around with him a little bit and he’s an excellent person, too.

Artist Roger Dean at 70 – in pictures
Roger Dean, the famed artist, designer, architect, and publisher, turns 70 on 31 August. Featuring some of his greatest fantasy landscapes and designs for artists such as Yes and Asia, let’s celebrate with a selection of some of his most brilliant…

This totally happened to my younger brother. He was only stuck in the attic for about seven years, but he still makes little fear-noises when someone turns the lights out or closes a door.

Family Cleans House, Finds Pet Tortoise Missing Since 1982
For one particularly tenacious pet tortoise, its hardy sense of survival allowed it to endure for decades in the most unnatural of places.


Just to remind you what’s really important on ANY holiday. Making milk come out of your brother’s nose.

31 August 2014


The Daily Tad

Terrifying Rabbit Week, Day 2

It’s Sunday. (At least it is here where I live.) So do something good for your soul.

(LT) New SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY extract on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist….

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist: Teaser extract from Tad Williams’ SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY
Fantasy and science fiction and speculative fiction book reviews, author interviews, bestseller news, contests and giveaways, etc. Enjoy!

30 August 2014


The Daily Tad


Yeah, you’re pretty cool. But you’re not George Bernard Shaw Surf Daddy cool.

Anybody know why we seem to be suddenly getting game updates today? When we don’t play any Facebook games? What hath Zuckerberg wrought now?

An excerpt from SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY, the newest Bobby Dollar novel from Tad Williams, selected and shared on Medium by Deborah Beale (@MrsTad).

The Dream I Had
The crowd of the Saved, jostling each other in the massive shining hall despite being only semi-tangible (another Heaven…

The super slo-mo is revealing, but it fails to reproduce the sound: “Sklarp-sklarp-sklarp-sklarp.” Or the results, which is an area of our bedroom floor so permanently wet we could raise ornamental carp on it

Dog Drinking Water In Slow-Motion Will Blow Your Mind
Haven’t you always wondered what really goes down when your precious dog gets a refreshing drink of water? Someone else was curious too and decided to record it in slow-motion. The results are…

Breaking News: Alaskan Giant Hot Dog Mystery Solved.

Mystery of 9-foot hot dog on edge of Alaska wilderness leaves trekkers perplexed
No one could quite believe their eyes. A 9-foot-long hot dog on a 7-foot-long bun was beached like a dead whale on the shore of…

I’ve been tagged by Brad Smith to list 10 books that stuck with me. Many of you have heard a lot of mine elsewhere — “Martian Chronicles”, LOTR, “The Once and Future King” and the Gormenghast books are the first that pop into my mind. So I’ll go with others that stuck with me but that I haven’t talked about in lots of online interviews. In no particular order:

1. A Dark-Adapted Eye (Ruth Rendell as Barbara Vine)
2. The Game Of Kings (Dorothy Dunnett)
3. Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Hunter S. Thompson)
4. The Proud Tower (Barbara Tuchman)
5. Mistress Masham’s Repose (T. H. White)
6. Riddley Walker (Russell Hoban)
7. A Voyage To Arcturus (David Lindsay)
8. Crazy Like A Fox (S. J. Perelman)
9. Cat’s Cradle (Kurt Vonnegut)
10. The Inheritors (Wm. Golding)

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