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2 July 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


While I’m sharing interesting toys…

T-1000, with surface-to-air ass. Only got one though, so keep track of where you shoot it or he’ll never be able to sit down again.

Somebody already bit this monster’s finger off in an attempt to escape that perky, insane voice. Live from the Belle Isle Asylum…

1 July 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

“No, Jesus, no more yoyo tricks! I don’t want to see you do Walk The Dog — Around the World just nearly killed me!”

Lovely. I’d have one.

Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen
Furniture maker Greg Klassen builds intricately designed tables and other objects embedded with glass rivers and lakes. Inspired…


I’d be hard-pressed to show anyone exactly what I’ve done in the last week, since it’s been almost all mental work, but by Yog-Sothoth, it’s been hard. It’s strange to feel worn out from thinking, but I’ve been doing the real squinty-eyed kind of thinking, which should have cartoon effort lines radiating from my head and hanging in the air so everyone knows that’s what I’m doing and it’s really hard grinding.

The results have been good (it’s all been book-thinking) but I feel like I’ve dug ditches for days. Haven’t been looking out at the world very much.

But I’m here now. I’m back. They don’t get any more “back” than I am this very minute. I am totally back and here.

In fact, I’m right behind you. That’s why I’m so happy.


This is quite creepy enough to be a profile picture, but it has a caption, which I tend to avoid. Therefore, it will make a solo appearance here.

Only fair…

Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu
July 1, 2014 – Citing the newly-established precedent of corporate-religious exemption, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in…

30 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


Pretty much the state of play -chez moi-.

Thought I’d get an early start celebrating the Fourth.

The ‘Captain America Statistics Song!’ Is A Sobering Reality Check
ADHD’s updated Captain America theme song runs through some important American statistics — none of them good.

Terrible decision. Bad law, made backward — they wanted a reason to support religion, so they “found” one. (Made one up.)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg trolls Scalia in blistering dissent of Hobby Lobby ruling
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg said the ruling on the Hobby Lobby case was based on a misreading of the Religious Freedom…

29 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

Life imitates Art, blah blah woof, these are still pretty damn excellent things. Reality can be fun. The Russian caves are something I’ve seen in dreams and didn’t know they were real.

7 Amazing Landscapes You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped
Sometimes, the giant muscular space wizard that keeps our planet spinning loses its balance, sending mountains and rivers…

Justin’s long national nightmare is finally over.

This Is What Happens When You Accidentally Email Your Entire Company
I created a monster.

The key thing to realize here is that these are riddles, and may depend to an extent on word-play we don’t recognize, so they’re not your normal “jokes”. But still pretty interesting.

The world’s oldest “Yo mama” joke is 3,500 years old
Around 1,500 BCE, a student in ancient Babylon inscribed six riddles on a tablet. 3,500 years later, these proto-jokes lose a lot in the translation, but one thing’s for sure: the Babylonians are saying something about your…


Aren’t these lovely?

Former laser physicist turned artist, Tom Beddard, has created these incredible fractal models. They are ‘truly fractal’, because you can see more and more detail, the closer you peer down onto the surface. Read more:

28 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

27 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


The moment your childhood ended.

I thought this was the Onion. It’s not.

GOP Congressional Candidate Says Opponent Is Really A Body Double
WASHINGTON — Political opponents accuse each other of lying all the time, but one Oklahoma congressional candidate took his…

26 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

A sudden flashback. Had forgotten seeing this live. Sued. SMH.

Finally beginning to check back into Earth Time after a few weeks of running around doing stuff that prevented coherent thought of the type I prefer. It’s interesting on this planet. I should visit it more often.

This is so very, very What’s Happening Now.

What Happens When You Play Music Through A Squid? | IFLScience
Bioamplifiers are devices that can be used to actually visualize neuron action potential; the ability to use impulses to stimulate…


Elderly Couple Flip Their Car In The Middle Of Street, Immediately Pose For World’s Most…
An elderly couple rolled their car in the middle of a California street, then posed for the cutest pictures ever.

Well, duh. Wouldn’t you?

Bear Falls Through Skylight Into Party, Then Eats All The Cupcakes
A 180-pound black bear crashed through an Alaska couple’s skylight while they were getting ready to celebrate their child’s…


In case you haven’t seen it, this is my Picture of the Week. If it wasn’t horizontal, it would have been a profile pic.

I have to agree withe the critique, except I love them for all the same reasons. Thank you, Grey Group advertising executives, for making ordinary television viewing a very slippery slope for sanity — as it should be.

Fuck These Puppets
This is not a think piece about how “problematic” the terrible fuckin puppets are in DirecTV’s new series of ads currently running over and over during every commercial break of every TV show. It’s A FACT PIECE. And the facts are in: Fuck these…

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