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25 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

I’m there, baby. I’m moving in.

Michigan’s Abandoned Dinosaur Amusement Park Is Way Creepy
Abandoned amusement parks are eerie. But an abandoned park filled with fiberglass dinosaurs? Eerie as shit. In Irish Hills…

24 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

Only in America could so many people get famous and rich and yet remain entirely primitive in their belief systems.

Pat Boone Says That Obama Has Committed ‘High Crimes’ By Faking His Birth Certificate
Pat Boone, who became famous in the 1950s for singing white-washed versions of black artists’ songs, appeared on The Alan…

This is surreal beyond the most ambitious dreams of everyday satire. It’s a short story written in a language not quite our own.

A dragon has been shot dead in a house in West Malaysia. | Strange
Dragon – He’s Bleeding Take a good look at the photos in this album. They were sent to me by someone in the area. This is…

Pay attention. The future wants you, whether you want it or not.

Amazon’s new phone is not your friend | Al Jazeera America
Online retail giant double-charges customers by selling a phone that is simply a portal to its shopping service

This is so thoroughly, ridiculously fabulous that it must be shared.

A Couple Have Recreated “Game Of Thrones” With Their Pugs And It’s Magnificent
“Sue spent two weeks just creating the Iron Throne alone but it was well worth it.”

23 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


Can you blame him?

22 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

21 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

Sad to hear of Patsy Byrne’s passing. Queenie and Nursie was one of the great double acts of the Renaissance.

Blackadder’s ‘Nursie’, aka Patsy Byrne, dies aged 80
Veteran actress Patsy Byrne – who achieved small screen infamy as ‘Nursie’ in Blackadder II – has died aged 80.

Sorry a bit absent the last few days. I’m doing a last process of my SLEEPING LATE proofs, and that, combined with trip-fatigue and jetlag from previous trip, means I’m not spending much time online.

Fear not. I’ll be back full-time soon, and then you will feel the lash of my vengeance. Or at least you’ll get more reports about my pets.

20 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

The ugly truth behind Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln.

Hear, hear! Or Hoo, hoo!

Labour in ‘owl for everyone’ pledge
Labour says their press Twitter account was hacked after the party appeared to offer everyone in the country an owl.

19 June 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

Back from a lightning trip to out of town. Shorter even than we planned. I know you’ve been missing me — I can tell by all the graffiti on my front door. “Good riddance” is my favorite.

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