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9 March 2013

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March is Monkey Month!

8 March 2013

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FACE OFF — “The Ultimate Spotlight” Episode 210 — Pictured: Rayce’s final model’s — Photo by: Nicole Wilder/Syfy Nicole Wilder/Syfy

7 March 2013

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6 March 2013

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Just got back from playing music. There is no other pleasure quite like it, mostly because I enjoy hanging out with those dudes. They’ve been silly for years and years and years…

5 March 2013

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4 March 2013

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Let’s face it, there’s not a political problem in the world so simple that it can be solved by everyone agreeing with a Facebook meme. Only by agreeing with me, after giving me supreme power. Just sayin’.

3 March 2013

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This is my sloping-off-to-bed-to-read music. Peace upon your houses.

Mali Music – Sunset

Jean Marsh

And here’s one for the Old School folks: Jean Marsh with a raygun. “Your Upstairs ’bout to be your Downstairs, bee-otch!” Cuz that’s how Jean rolls. Bad ass.

2 March 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

Is that a flute in his hand? Did he just get back from Band Camp?

When I was a kid, I used to think that my perfect job would be something I called “Theoretical Librarian”, where I’d sit in a nice room (presumably at the library) and people would come in and ask me questions about anything — dolphins, the 1983 World Series, bebop saxophone, the Boxer Rebellion. Then I would sit back and bloviate my opinions and slightly-disconnected facts about of the subject, just babbling on about things that interested or entertained me about it, until either I finished or the person just left the room.

Tonight I just realized that I have that job for real.

Full of WIN.

I’ve been having such a fascinating political discussion elsewhere on Facebook that I think I have to go take a shower to get the icky off. Why do I bother?

1 March 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

The Mouse that Ripped.

Speaking of so stupid it’s genius, someone once asked me in an interview, “Which would you rather do, become a cannibal or starve to death?” And I of course said, “Depends. Who are we eating?” Because I have no problem with eating anyone I don’t know pretty well. Which means, any of you who want to avoid being a pot roast at Tad’s Post-Apocalypse Birthday Barbecue Bash, you better ask me to friend you soon. And I’ll be looking at the latecomers after we work our way through the strangers.

I used to know a guy I worked with in a shoe store who was a human Mondegreen machine (misheard song lyrics). For instance, he was positive that the line in the Beatles song, “I held her hand in mine” (which admittedly they do stretch the last syllable, my-een) was “I held her hand in Hawaii.” He had a bit of a thing with place names — he was also certain that the Crosby, Stills, and Nash song was “Mexican Express”, because he couldn’t believe there was a place called Marrakesh. He thought Graham Nash was just singing it really, really funny on purpose.

That guy was a genius of stupid.


Here’s a picture of Justin Bieber wearing a gas mask and grabbing his crotch. I’m sharing it with you. Just because I can.

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