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13 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

True story: I was waiting to make a right turn at an intersection, letting the oncoming left-turns go through, but the last one in the turn lane was REALLY slow to get there. I said, “Geez, this guy drives old.” (Unfair, I know, but there you go.) As he approached the intersection, his light turning yellow, he hesitated several times, then finally decided to go through…SLOWLY. I mean, really slow. I waited, of course, but I upped my estimate to “This guy drives like he’s half dead.” When he finally made it through, I made my turn and was behind him as he putted along about fifteen miles under the speed limit.

His personalized license plate: LAZARUS. I kid you not.

Congrats to the Falcons, condolences to the ‘Hawks. See you next week, Atlanta.

12 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

The sad thing is, Facebook has a 1000 picture limit for profile pictures, so I’m now having to delete old ones as I go. Every one is…*sob*…a piece of me. Yes, all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain…

11 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

10 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

Thursday. The day to fight the Midgard Serpent, who girdles the earth with his coils. And, if I have a little time afterward, do some editing.

9 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

They were the best of tines, they were the worst of tines.

Delete My Browser History

We’ve solved our email issue. Apparently our provider changed the password rules and informed us by refusing our old ones, without explanation. First we had to find out who our provider is these days, then we fixed it. Pain in the -tuchus-.

8 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

My email account appears to be lying on its back somewhere scratching its belly and farting instead of working. Anyone who wants to reach me with any haste should probably send me a Facebook message, or try Deb at her email address, which seems to be working.

7 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

A lovely rendition of one of my favorite…hmmm, don’t know whether I should say “songs” or “pieces”, since there’s no singing. But…yeah.

Mahavishnu Orchestra – A Lotus On Irish Streams

Lock and load, people. Working day. Lots to do. Do NOT distract me with entertainment, diversion, or fun. Well, occasionally is all right. You know, a little bit. But seriously, go light on the fun.

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