News from the Tadlands

Polish edition of THE HEART OF WHAT WAS LOST (Rebis, October 2017)

Tad´s European book tour is about to start tomorrow with Tad´s first event in Bern, Switzerland. Please check our schedule regularly as we are still adding dates for the events in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Tad display at the Buchhandlung am Bebelplatz in Kassel, Germany.

More news from the Tadlands:

  • Just before departing to Europe, Tad delivered his finished first draft of Empire of Grass, book two of THE LAST KING OF OSTEN ARD and sequel to The Witchwood Crown, to his agent. There is no publication date yet.
  • The Witchwood Crown is a LOCUS bestseller and places at #2 on the bestseller list for October.
  • Tad appeared on the Dragon Talk podcast in August and we now have a YouTube video of that interview to share with you HERE.
  • Tad´s Polish publisher Rebis will be publishing the Polish edition of The Heart of What Was Lost at the end of October.
  • Last, but not least: Adam Whitehead of The Wertzone just published a thoughtful, substantial and literate review of The Witchwood Crown. He calls the book “wonderfully well-written” and continues that The Witchwood Crown “is an epic fantasy that rejects some of the martial triumphalism and blood-letting that other epic fantasies revel in”, and that it “explores ideas of ageing, dying and living which are universal”. But check out the complete review on Adam´s blog.

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