News Round-up #5

The new year is progressing quickly and much has happened in the last couple of weeks that we would like to share with our faithful readers.

Cover Art

Tad´s publishers on both sides of the Atlantic have revealed their cover designs for Tad´s upcoming Osten Ard novel, The Witchwood Crown. You can read the original announcement for the US design here, and you can read the announcement of the UK design here. Both publishers used the same magical painting by Michael Whelan, “Darkness over Hayholt”, which you can see in all its glory on Michael Whelan´s tumblr. Whelan also revealed some concept art he created for the witchwood trees of Osten Ard.
The Witchwood Crown will be published in June 2017.

ARCs of The Witchwood Crown

Advance Reader´s Copies (ARC) of The Witchwood Crown have been spotted in the wild, too. And some lucky people are already very, very excited about it.

New Reviews

We also have two brand-new reviews of Tad´s new Osten Ard novel, The Heart of What Was Lost, which was published to rave reviews in early January.

Kat Hooper reviews the audio book production of The Heart of What Was Lost for Fantasy Literature here.

And Aaron Jacobs has a wonderful review on his blog Infovoracious here.

Tad reveals “My Life in Books” on








Over on Tad shares some books he is very, very fond of and that he recommends to every reader (or in this case) listener, as he is talking about some very fine audio books. You also get a list of helpful links to Tad´s own books in audio.

Upcoming events

Tad´s events calendar for 2017 is quickly filling up, so keep checking our page for Tad´s events as we will be making regular updates. Tad is already committed to a German book tour in the fall and there will be more news soon.


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  1. I just read about your German book tour and started hyperventilating, can someone please save me? xD
    No, but seriously. I DO HOPE, I get to see you! In fact, I NEED to… and I am starting to realize I sound like a teenage girl with a crush on a celebrity, I am SO sorry! xD

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