The Heart of What Was Lost: Yet More Reviews! Review Round-Up #3

The Heart of What Was Lost (Dutch Edition, May 2017)

The Heart of What Was Lost has been officially published for two weeks now on both sides of the Atlantic and the reviews just keep coming:

The reviews on Goodreads and Amazon also continue to be very, very positive.

This week´s highlights are:

Jonathan Hatfull reviews for UK`s SCIFI NOW:

This tome weighs in at a relatively brief 224 pages but Williams packs his story full of rich characters, gripping action and some prime political scheming, and the recaps and explanations for newcomers are carefully sprinkled throughout so as to be almost seamless.[…] This is gritty, gripping fantasy with heart and guts, and we can’t wait to read more.

UK fantasy expert Adam Whitehead of The Wertzone has a great review, too:

The Heart of What Was Lost is short, focused, lean and mean. Just 200 pages long in hardcover, making it barely a short story by the author’s normal standards, it moves with pace and energy. As a war story it has quite a bit of action, but also with some strong moments of character-building as characters reflect on what is going on.

Last, but not least, blogger Queerly Different has a wonderful homage to Tad:

As I embark on my re-reading of Williams’ oeuvre (I hope to have read all of his works by the time the new novel is out this summer), I am astounded again at the richness and power of his prose. Truly, this is an author upon him I hope to model my own writing of fantasy. If I can accomplish but half of what he has, I shall consider myself fortunate indeed.

Week #2 Round-up:
NPR has a very thoughtful review:
SFFWorld´s Rob H. Bedford shares his thoughts:
Aidan Moher has a glowing review at Barnes & Noble´s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog.

Some wonderful reader reviews have also been published on a number of blogs:

Ivynettle published a great review from the perspective of a long-time reader.
As did Ylvs here, another reader, who is very familiar with Tad´s works.
And another long-time reader, Tamishureviews the book on her blog, too.
Rhonda Moore published her review here.
Rick has a wonderful review on his blog, too.
JoJo the Bookaholic also loves the book.
As does Bob Milne at Beauty in Ruins.
Parmenionbooks adds their review here.
The Arched Doorway has its review here.
Unbound World gives us five reasons to read.
And finally, Kevin Koperski has a wonderful tribute/review up on his blog.

Week #1 Round-up:
The British Daily Mail has a fabulous review:
Ebookwyrm´s Blog Cave has a spoiler-free review.
Pat´s Fantasy Hotlist also has a great review.
Blog Dusk Before Dawn has some in-depth book notes.
The Speculative Herald gives the book high marks.
Geek In has a special video review of The Heart of What Was Lost.

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