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14 May 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

They couldn’t get four and twenty in a single pie, I guess.

This song was originally written in Spanish, and titled “Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado” (When I Return To Your Side). It’s been a hit many times in English as well, including this lazily mellow version by Dinah Washington, one of my favorite voices.


Just finished pages for the day. Tea break!

VICARIOUS SPORTS NOTE — BASEBALL: I suspect East Coast Bias and fan voting will make it difficult, but I think Brandon Crawford is the second best shortstop in the NL (after Tulowitzki) and should be on the All-Star team this year.

Giants fans: Vote early and often for our home-grown SS.

Okay. I have to work now. Amuse yourselves in whatever way seems fitting.

13 May 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


This is goodnight. The wheels are creak-creak-creaking as they roll me toward the sea. Be good, my little fishes, and I will float to you in your sleep and wrap you in tendrils of sensual, twining fronds of kelp. That way you will not float away from the reef. I want only what is best for you.


Seen any good primates lately? Here’s a howler. RESPECT THE HOWLER. They are very loud and also one of the cooler monkeys. (Everybody just knows it.)

It’s a warm night, quiet and peaceful, only the chirp of crickets and the whir of the fan and the BLANG-SQUARCH-KRANG-WAWRR! of the cat chasing a moth up the screen and then getting his claws stuck.

I am going to write a very long book called “A Brief History of Stupid”. Our cat is going to get several chapters all to himself.

Just to warn you, sometime in the next week I’m going to drop a deadly shrieker of a clown profile picture that will suck years off your life and all hope from your soul. So those of you who are true coulrophobes, I suggest you approach my pro-pics with caution until the weekend, at least. Kind of squinty might be the best approach. Or just staying off the internet entirely. I’ll call you on the landline when it’s safe to come back.


I like big cats and I cannot lie.

Hello! Kitty’s got back!

Has anyone got around to doing “Plan 9 From Outer Space — the Musical”? Because I wanted to do that a long time ago and never got around to it.

My past is a many-layered scatter of unfinished projects. A mulch of might-have-been.

Why I am a genius:

If Cliven Bundy had any brains at all, he’d turn his illegal ranch into a “militia summer camp” for energetic little (grown-up) boys who want to run around with guns while pretending to save embattled white men from oppression. He could probably make as much money as one of those baseball fantasy camps, and then he wouldn’t have to sponge off the rest of us taxpayers any more.


As wallets empty, Bundy militia begs for cash

12 May 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


Be proud of what you do.

11 May 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


Giant, Unknown Animals Found off Antarctica
See pictures of the new marine life found in Antartica where scientists from New Zealand collected samples of many different forms of life from tiny micro-plankton up to large toothfish and recorded some never-seen-before views of the seabed.

10 May 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


Fluffy knocks out Wheeler, 1891. Hamster fighting was made illegal soon after.

I still have a crush on Kate Pierson. But she hates it when I knock on her window at night.


I have no idea what this means either. If that helps.


Kute Kitty hates you and everything you stand for. Plus, the kibble bowl is nearly empty.

Nicely done.

22 Marvel-ous Re-Imaginings of The Avengers
The Avengers… with a twist.

9 May 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

“I’m gonna wash that face right off of my man…!” — South Pacific, the mutant-cannibal version of the musical.

You gotta admit, though, I have great hair in this picture.


Yes. Yes, I do.

8 May 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


Why Jimmy Olsen’s mom didn’t want him to attend that sleep-over. And she didn’t even know Jimmy was going to be the only guest…!


The Joker saw the cosplay+goatlicking audience explosion coming before anybody else even knew about goatlicking, or “gruffing” as it came to be called.


Happy ending: No longer a fugitive, he is now worshipped by Pastafarians everywhere.


Why are you torturing that man? Just tell him the truth — it’s the extra-comfy seat cushion!


A Taste of Honey:


Department of Things We Didn’t Really Need to Know, Superman/Jimmy Section:

Most of them are hilariously stupid, although a few of them are spot on about some stupid movies. But my favorite has to be, “Ingrid Bergman is no Maryland Monroe.”

This is What Movie Posters Would Look Like if Their 1-Star Amazon Reviews Were on Them
One of our investors said put something funny here to get people to click.

Gratuitous SPORTS NOTE, Giants Division: Vogelsong has clearly righted the ship — second excellent start in a row. If we can get Timmy consistent, we’ll be in this all the way to the very end this year.

I was thinking about a comment a friend made to another post of mine: “Also, you’re the only writer I know who doesn’t post stuff of himself….”

I’m not sure that’s actually true — I do post relevant details like new publications, answer questions about my work when anyone asks them, and so forth, but I don’t post a lot of what I’ll call “Tadvertising”. (You Brits, feel free to change that ‘s’ to a ‘z’. You’re welcome.) I guess when I’m online I tend to think, especially on Facebook, that if people are interested in my work enough to friend me here, they know about me and don’t need to be told about what’s on sale or whatever all the time. Therefore, I am hesitant to do to much out-and-out selling.

On the other hand, I notice that a lot of other writers are also a lot better-known than me, even after all the years and all the words that have passed through me.

Am I being unnecessarily reticent? It’s not like I’m fending off award nominations right and left, constantly besieged by paparazzi, cutting the ceremonial ribbon on Neighborhood Fantasy Fiction Emergency Centers — I mean, I don’t think I’m OVERexposed. But I don’t want to turn my online social/work life into a 24 hour Tadathon, either. God knows, nobody needs that.

Just something I’m worrying about at the moment, along with a zillion other things. (It’s been a week for worrying.)

I don’t normally post stuff of myself, because tacky, but I was re-reading this story (which just came out in The Berry Vest of Tag Willmost) and I still like it. So I thought I’d share this reading from Calgary. It has words! Many of them you’ve never heard before, I can pretty much promise.

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