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Tad’s Facebook Posts Oct 16 – Oct 22

22 October 2013


Tad’s Mood Today

21 October 2013


Tad’s Mood Today

20 October 2013


Tad’s Mood Today

The best thing about the whole look is the supercheap storebought one-piece fangs.

19 October 2013


Tad’s Mood Today

18 October 2013


Tad’s Mood Today

Yeah! Scary Halloween monster! No, I know this isn’t a scary one.

17 October 2013


Tad’s Mood Today

The rumor that I was created by adding modern frog DNA to prehistoric Liberal Writer DNA captured from a mosquito in amber is a lie. I simply like sitting on lily pads.

Wow, I just realized, it’s almost Hallowe’en and I haven’t been putting up genuinely upsetting pictures much. I’ve got the real creepy all stacked up, waiting. Dude!

16 October 2013


Tad’s Mood Today

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