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22 April 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

Tomorrow morning early the long trip home begins. See you when I’m back on home turf. Cheers, mates.

21 April 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

I find myself irritated — more than I should be — by the various “Like if you remember” happy childhood memes that list a bunch of experiences like “Rode bike without a helmet”, and “Stayed out late playing”, and blah blah blah, only to conclude with something that suggests the current generation(s) are wimpy losers.

You only get to experience the childhood and adolescence you’re given. Everybody halfway healthy has nostalgic feelings about their youth. But your generation’s music (MY generation’s music) isn’t better, and your experience isn’t better or richer, and in the next generation’s version of social media they’re going to be saying the same thing — “WE couldn’t live inside video games, we had to watch them in a tiny 70 inch flat screen. And WE had to actually walk with our feet across the room instead of magnetically levitating.” So just shut up and get into the now and be glad you’re alive to see what later generations are experiencing. Seriously.

As for, “My folks beat me and I turned out well — those criminals/terrorists/etc should have been disciplined more” — well, that’s so silly and ignorant it’s not even worth commenting on.

19 April 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

My books eat smaller, weaker books.

Shark Week: Discovery Channel Shark Week TV Event A Great White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias. South Australia Copyright © Davidfleetham

Tad Williams at Supanova

This was me in front of the firing squad just before the governor’s reprieve came in.

Closed Caption Fail

Read the closed-captioning. I KNEW she was too cute and perky to be true.

18 April 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

Me and some bored-ass roos. They’re waiting for me to go away so they can go back to sleep. That’s not booze in my hand, it’s kangaroo food in a cup. Honest.

It’s late at night and I’ve had more than a few — some crazy guy in the bar made me drink several tequila and coffee shots, and then I had a few gins — so I may be succumbing to tipsy sentiment, but I have to say that this has been the coolest bunch of people to hang out with. I feel like I could have been real friends with several of them if our lives brought us together more often, and hope to stay in touch with several. Don’t get me wrong, I always like people and I like making new friends, but this group of Supa-Nova folks has really been magic. I feel blessed.

And this is from a guy who’d generally always rather be home with his family. I still feel that way, ’cause the baseline reality is that I’m just a sappy, family-type guy who loves his home and his work, but I’ve had a great time with this group. Magic.

Tad Williams and Drop Bear

Me and Yani, my new drop bear friend. She was whispering to me, “Drop ME and I’ll have your bollocks, mate.”

17 April 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

The Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca), is a wading bird of the ibis family Threskiornithidae. It is widespread across much of Australia. It has a predominantly white plumage with a bare, black head, long downcurved bill and black legs. Historically rare in urban areas, the Australian White Ibis has immigrated to urban areas of the east coast in increasing numbers since the late 1970s; it is now commonly seen in Wollongong, Sydney, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Townsville. Debate continues on whether to consider it a pest or vulnerable species. Populations have disappeared from natural breeding areas such as the Macquarie Marshes in northwestern New South Wales. Despite this, the species has been culled in parts of Sydney due to their smell and at times obtrusive nature. Its sister species is the Sacred Ibis. © Tanya Stollznow

Unlike Melbourne, here on the Gold Coast we’ll have Aussies in cossies both inside AND outside. Different kinds of cossies, though — not seen many people dressed up as Imperial Stormtroopers on the beach.

Supanova Bus

This is why riding the bus this week has been a bit different than usual. Pictured: Greg (Beast Boy) Cipes and Rose (all kinds of cool films and Charmed) McGowan, just chillaxin’. I think we were all looking at pictures of each other’s dogs.

Gold Coast hotel

Gold Coast, Australia. Hotel clearly designed on a shaky drafting table.


A little THRONES humor…

16 April 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

Gold Coast Ibises

Oh, and this last bit isn’t probably exciting for anyone but me — but they have ibises here! I’ve never seen a non-zoo ibis. It was hard to get close, so you might have to pull the picture off and blow it up a bit, but I just thought it was extra-cool.

Gold Coast Drop Bear

This is what happens when Drop Bears drop out.


Robotech whiz Steve Yun demonstrates why Australian money has little windows in it — so you can be Judge Dredd. Steve might have been a little fuzzy — we were in the hotel bar — but he is the law!

Gold Coast hotel lobby

Lobby art at our hotel on the Gold Coast. What time is it? Trust me — it has something to do with clobberin’.

Supanova Tony Todd

Tony Todd (Candyman) and director/writer Destin Pfaff, both here promoting SUSHI GIRLS. Three of my heroes…

Supanova Supermom

Supa-Nova Melbourne — a cool mom and son combo, fighting crime and still getting Robin to school on time.

I have eight minutes to pack, then I’m supposed to be downstairs to fly to Gold Coast with the rest of this extremely motley and enjoyable crew. So I will have to short-change my OTHER motley and enjoyable crew. But I’ll catch up at the other end. Fly well! Wait, that’s me. Enjoy the ground!

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