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21 February 2013

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Handsome Husband

We’ll decide for you by pitting them against each other in a filmed death-battle, with no other weapons except nails and teeth. Then the victor will come to claim you!


I’m so frazzled with work and life that I’m not even reading entire emails. I just look to see if the words “dead” or “audit” are in the first sentence, then I put them aside for sometime in early March.

20 February 2013

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Really ought to change the “O” at the end of the product to “G”…

Had one of those maddening, bitty days with distractions by the ton, and the result was that I didn’t get a chapter written (or even close) on the new Bobby Dollar during an entire working day. First time that’s happened since I started the book sixteen chapters ago. I blame Socialism. I’d blame Gluten, too, but I don’t know what that is, really.

19 February 2013

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18 February 2013

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Judy Jetson

Okay, here’s the question: other than her being an animated cartoon character, which means it’s already weird if you have a crush on Judy Jetson, is it pervy, too? I mean, yes, she’s a teenager. But she was a teenager on a show back in the 1960s, which means she’s been around something near 70 years. Except it was a show set in the future, so she’s not born yet.

You can see this is a tough one, but this is the 21st Century and we have to buckle down and iron some of these things out.

It’s very odd to type something and realize thousands of people will read it. It’s even odder to realize that those people could have been doing something else instead, maybe even something profitable, instructive, or cheering.

I rule.

17 February 2013

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Every time I watch Space Mutiny, it goes higher on my list of all-time MST3K greats. The wonderful two-stroke vehicle chases. If I could write a scene that hilarious, I would be P. G. @#$%ing Wodehouse and all three important Marx Bros.

16 February 2013

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Just re-watched Gone With The Wind for the first time in many years. What an incredible, lunatic drama it is, and what a great cast. The whole thing is a multi-prismatic view of the myths and norms of the South wrapped around these amazing, out-of-control characters. Wow. I’m worn out.

15 February 2013

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