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17 August 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

“I’m the high-voltage Messiah, the electric Christ, the AC/DC god.”

What movie? No googling, or we’ll have to call you Googly McCheaterson.

(Come on, like you guys never wanted to shave a baby.)

Oh, yeah. Everybody needs to practice this life skill. And remember — no silver pacifiers!

(Come on, like you guys never wanted to shave a baby.)

16 August 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Watch and learn.

“Every other untestable, supernatural system of belief that ever existed, thousands and thousands of them in total, is wrong. Except mine, which is The Absolute Truth. Thus, I wish to make everyone else live by my own untestable, supernatural system.”

Jeez, do you people even know what you sound like?

So it is just having a black president elected that drove Dave Mustaine, Victoria Jackson, and Janine Turner over the top, or would they have been riding the fastest chute to bat$H!% crazy anyway?

Tad Williams: How many writers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Jason: Two, if they’re very, very small.
Catriona: the more writers you got, the more screwed its gonna get
Alyssa: First, let’s establish in which universe the lightbulb exists.
Jimmy: 2: One to screw in the lightbulb and the other to write him a testimonial about his lightbulb-screwing genius.
Ian: Wait, writers change lightbulbs??? ;-p
Taylia: 2, one to say how badly they want to screw the lightbulb in, and the other to continue reminding the first that he’s the one who said he wanted to screw in a lightbulb when he’s doubting his efforts halfway through.
Ward: 10. One to screw it in and 9 to say they could’ve done it better.
Holger: Keinen. Lass es lieber Deine Frau machen. Das ist sicherer. (No one. Let your wife do it. It is safer.)
Roz: One, but first they have to answer all their e-mails, look something up on TV tropes and play Freecell for an hour. And then it will be dark so they’ll go to a bar.
Timothy: YES! Roz nailed it!!
Zafrir: Four. One to lay in the foundations, the second one to describe the background, one to write the action part, and the fourth to put the final twist in the end.
John: @ Zafrir: No, that’s screenwriters. And of course, there’ll be one more, well-paid but uncredited, “script-doctor” — that’s the only one who actually sheds some light on the subject!
John: The count is endless because every other writer you read influences you subtly in all kinds of ways …
Becky: Do we need light as long as the computer screen glows?
Josh: How may times does a writer screw in a lightbulb until the editor is happy?
Violette: Josh has it. It’s only one writer, but it has to be done over and over until it’s right.
Andy: I’ll come round and screw the lightbulb in myself if it gets the books published quicker ;D
Delilah: None. As Neil Gaiman says, we’re solitary creatures of the dark.
Jody: Zero. They’re lucky to have family and friends and fans who think they are contributing to the masterpieces.
Charlie: One, but it takes a while. First they have to write a proposal then an outline, then find an editor to approve and accept it before they actually start to change the bulb … Two, if they collaborate …
Roy: 1. Providing they have emotional support afterwards that they really did a good job.
James: Depends on the writer(s), the majority that I know will sit in the dark and tell you about the awesome lightbulb they’re going to screw in one day; a few (like me) will screw it in, not be too happy with the light, unscrew it, try again, unscrew it, try again, until the light and shadows in the room are just right; and many others will screw in every light in the damn house, leave them burning 24/7 and run around telling everyone how awesomely lit their house is and that everyone should experience the angelic warm glow that their lightbulbs have produced.
Marrita: I can’t compete with the other solutions, but somehow I see these explanations as a metaphor for something far more sinister that happens often to poor writers.
Chris: Occasionally a writer will eschew the light bulb and attempt to screw in a far more serious, considerably weightier bulb, in the vain hope of achieving some degree of critical acclaim.
Allan: None, because when a lightbulb goes in this household there are never any spares.
Petra: Nobody knows. It has never happened before.

Tad Williams: I thought y’all would have fun with that. My own personal answer was: “Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Absolutely.”

15 August 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Throwing away large chunks of Hell in today’s editing. Because I already put my readers through enough of that.

14 August 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

13 August 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Okay, here is for certain emergency fun, all must have! Night and sleeping goodness now. Remember fun monkey friend!

Okay, here is for certain emergency fun, all must have! Night and sleeping goodness now. Remember fun monkey friend!

12 August 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

We have an extremely nice young woman from Oaxaca visiting us and I’m trying to figure out which of my kids I’m going to try to pass off as her for the handover, so we get to keep the real one.

Fringehead Fight! It’s about 2:20 in and it’s glorious, but you should really watch the whole thing, because who can ever get enough Sarcastic Fringehead action?

Amazing animals – Sarcastic fringehead

What’s on my mind? How the hell should I know?

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