The Furniture Is No Longer Under My Command

21 May 2011

This whole hectic/hellish sequence of life is beginning to seem familiar enough that I even occasionally enjoy it. About six or seven seconds worth every twenty-four hours.

20 May 2011

Being ill, even a transitory illness like a virus, is a good reminder of how much I take for granted. When I’m well but don’t have anything to do I can always think about creative stuff — no such thing as boredom — but when I’m feeling really badly even that’s gone.

Forty-eight miserable hours, stomach flu, power outage, everything packed and inaccessible, even flashlights and candles and non-electric phone. Sorry to those whose birthdays I missed — if you want a make-up, drop me a note and I’ll be happy to post a belated.

19 May 2011

My life at the moment is not vastly different from Tom Disch’s “Squirrel Cage” star, the tubeworm. Up, up, uppity up. The top. Down, downy-down, down. The bottom. (Not in the depression sense, but in the can’t sit down sense. Just thought I should make that clear. Not depressed. Bone weary. But okay.)

18 May 2011

Our house is suddenly someone else’s house. Not because we’ve sold it already, but because it’s staged with furniture that isn’t ours, nice but fairly anonymous stuff compared to our family’s creative squalor. Anyway, now everything I rearrange seems to glare at me for disturbing its bovine equilibrium. The furniture is no longer under my command.

17 May 2011

I’ve been offline the last couple of days while we’ve been cleaning, clearing, and staging our house. I’m back. Did you miss me? (Lie to me.)

15 May 2011

A sudden rainstorm has blown in. Skinny cat has taken shelter in my lap. I inform him that we’re all passengers together in this leaky boat. He is not impressed by this observation, and lets me know by carefully inserting the first millimeter of his claws into my leg.

14 May 2011

Self-Defeating Villains “R” Us — introduction of the bad guy in a vintage Herculoids episode I just stumbled across:

“We are from the future! All of you from the past must be eliminated!”

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