I Sing The Body Eclectic

28 May 2011

Posted by Deb:
From Tad: I’m at Comicpalooza in Houston where we have just announced TAILCHASER, an animated film, to be designed and produced by Animetropolis. Yay!

27 May 2011

Made me laugh.

Withnail and I vs Star Wars. Utterly brilliant
Withnail and I vs Star Wars. Utterly brilliant

26 May 2011

Some of these are boringly on-the-nose in their idea, but many are very clever and some are gorgeous art.


I have a new title for myself. I am “The Funniest Monkey of Banana Lagoon.” Don’t ask me what it means. I’m just the recipient.

25 May 2011

I will be making an appearance (or several) at Comicpalooza in Houston, Tejas this weekend. Any friends or other non-creditors in the area please feel free to stop by and say hello. More about C-palooza and my reasons for being there later. Sorry for the late notice. Hope to see you!

I sing the body eclectic: most of it works again. I think the virus has finally sued for peace.

24 May 2011

I wear an invisible cone. I cannot bite the bits of me I shouldn’t, no matter the provocation or itch. Woof, damn it. Just…woof.

I just realized I was born a generation too early. I’m not a true writer, I’m a telemorphic composer and they haven’t invented my instrument(s) yet. Ah, well. Vivaldi would have probably liked the electric guitar, too.

S’cool. We look out for ourselves, thanks.

seagull thief

The best part is that he’s learned to look casual and natural, like he’s just another customer.

23 May 2011

Found out our 3:15 appointment of someone to see the house had been changed to 1:15 — at 1:14. It was like a bad movie, except instead of just the milkman running out the backdoor with his clothes, it was Deb, our assistant Dena, and me all carrying dogs and laptops and dirty towels while the realtor and a nice-looking couple looked on, bemused.

I was just outside, having to stand with my back against the wintery wind, and I wondered, “if our For Sale sign by the road blows over and causes a horrible accident that makes the papers, does that improve or hinder the chances of a good sale?” Yes, it’s come to this.

22 May 2011

I won’t bore you with weird illness stories, but I don’t have much else to relate. We’re vacating the house again for open house. I’ll have more interesting things to say later. My brain is halvah. And not even very good halvah.

The dreaded whatever-it-is came back with a vengeance today so I just slept when I could. My parents kindly let us descend on them with dogs and children while the open house was on. They didn’t see much of me, even so.

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