Johnny! Cats are people, too! DogBlog: Tad's Facebook Posts August 27 - 29


Johnny doesn’t believe her, by the way. His only flaw. He thinks cats are, well, dinner. Continue reading

My Ape Companion is Prone to Motion Sickness

I’m not really updating much from Poland, largely because I didn’t bring my special keyboard, so I’m forced to type slowly, directly on the laptop, which is suited only for the malformed paws of you Earthlings. But I’m thinking of you. Yes, YOU. Because I know that with me out of town, you’re eyeing my stuff. Continue reading

Robo-Monkeys Cannot Lie

I’ve just finished SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGMENT DAY, except for the usual proofing, etc. I’m really pleased with how it came out. I was worried when I started, because it follows the Grand Guignol of HAPPY HOUR, but I think in the end it delivers everything I hoped it would, expanding Bobby and his world and answering a lot of questions I’d been dangling since the first volume. Continue reading

Fanged Dentures For My Chickens

What Facebook is for: so I can make my weird little offhand jokes to slightly more people than the number of humans I can discomfort at any one time in real life. I’m modest, see. I don’t need a weekly television show. I just want to consistently annoy and dismay a small, select few. Continue reading

Lenses In

I know we all have troubles — some have BAD troubles — but we also live in a privileged time. I was sitting on the back porch looking at the blurry world before putting my contact lenses in, and thinking about how blind and miserable I would have been if I’d lived in the time before corrective lenses. Continue reading