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The Tick

Have you heard the good news?  It's about Arthur's destiny.

So a little late here... or maybe not... but I just binge watched The Tick on Amazon Prime.  Unlike other Binge watches, this one took less than 3 hours.  (There are only six eps right now that are half an hour each, due to the fact that Amazon is playing around with a new format: only release half a season at a time to build up antici-... pation.)

I was a fan of the 90's cartoon, didn't watch the 2000's sitcom.  I think that this new show falls closer in line with the cartoon.  Peter Serafinowicz is doing a straight up impersonation of the original cartoon hero, which is basically a twist on Adam West's Batman.  There are goofy costumed heroes like Superion (a take-off of Superman) and silly villains (like Miss Lint, who has electric powers that tend to attract dust particles.  Will "CHA" be carved into the moon?  On this show... it's a possibility.

But you know what's really nifty?  This might be the most traditionally superheroic show on the air right now.  Like, there's a scene where The Tick and Arthur save people from a crashed bus.  I've seen a lot of modern day superhero shows --- from Arrow to Flash to Daredevil to the Defenders --- and very few of them do a superhero who straight up just saves people from danger.  (Supergirl is probably the closest.) 

There's a mystery at the core, too, which does make me eager to see how the second half of Season One unfolds.  I got theories, but to this show's benefit I'm unsure of the direction the show's going to take.

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