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Re: What was your favorite book as a child?

I only learned about Ronia a few years ago.  A German friend of mine named her kittens Ronia and Birk.

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Re: What was your favorite book as a child?

Auros wrote:

I only learned about Ronia a few years ago.  A German friend of mine named her kittens Ronia and Birk.

Ronja became a widely-spread name for girl's since that book came out in Germany. Last year it made the Top 100 easily. I guess Birk was not as successful, because is sounds too harsh for the current preference for sonorants.

Just found the second page of this thread :)

ylvs wrote:

Auros wrote:

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

Got this for Christmas when it was first published. I was nine. Started reading asap after dinner and prezzies on Christmas Eve, fell asleep over it during the night, continued reading all Christmas Day and was done on the morning of Boxing Day. My first binge read ever. Oh, how I loved this book. And how beautiful that first edition was. Red silken cover and printed in read and green. The most beautiful book. I think it's the first book I ever hugged.

And Janusz Korczak, too! Did you know, that he and the children were deported 75 years and 4 days ago? I gave my husband a 20-minutes-lecture on the man and his pedagogics, when we heard this in the car radio.

Yes! Yes! Yes! To all the Calvin and Hobbes comments :) I loved those as a teenager.

Does anyone know Der kleine Vampir/The little vampire?

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