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#1 2013-11-29 13:35:31

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A minor plot inconsistency (mildly spoiler-iffic)

Finished the new book -- lots of fun, very much a page turner, and I'm looking forward to the finale.  (Any bets on whether it turns out to need division into books 3 and 4, instead of just coming out as one? ;-)

Anyways, take it as given that the book was great.  Instead of heaping further praise on our beloved Dog, I want to point out one minor inconsistency or continuity issue, that I noticed when I was starting the book while on vacation for a long weekend at Harbin Hot Springs.  There's no internet up there -- that's kinda why it's a retreat :-) -- and then I was busy this past week (mostly catching up on the things that piled up while we were up there).  So I didn't get around to asking about it until now.  It's possible I missed something, but this struck me as being maybe a small editing error, like the things you see in movies, where they cut together multiple takes, and didn't realize that, say, during a cut, the stapler jumps from one side of the desk to the other.  It's really minor, but if you notice it, it's kind of annoying...

On p. 59 of the US hardback version, we're in the middle of the scene where Bobby is hanging with Sam.  And Sam starts to criticize Bobby's dumb idea of breaking into Hell.

Except, there hasn't been anything in the text, up to that point, to indicate that Bobby's said anything about such a plan.  In fact, I'm not sure it's even been made clear by the first-person narrative that he has such a plan, up until then.  Sure, it's obvious he's going to do that, from the cover copy.  And it's somewhat implied by an earlier conversation with Clarence (which ends on p. 38).  But prior to this conversation, as far as I can recall (and as far as I can tell from skimming back over the relevant pages), he's just been researching Smyler, and has made the obvious guess that Eligor is behind Smyler's return.  There's a line in the narrative (not indicated as something he says to Sam), that runs, "As far as I could tell, Grand Duke Eligor had just decided he didn't want to wait until I made it to hell the usual way -- he was sending me an express invitation."  I guess you could interpret this line as an elision of a chunk of Sam and Bobby's conversation, and implying Bobby's plan, but it's a bit thin...  Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone else noticed this / was mildly annoyed by it.  It feels to me like an editor asked Tad to tighten something up to speed up the flow of the early chapters, and in the process of tossing things on the cutting room floor, a sentence or two got lost that should've been retained to bridge this small gap...

Or maybe it's just me. *shrug*

BTW, re: Smyler, frankly I'm a little boggled that Bobby didn't at least consider the possibility that Kephas was the force behind Smyler way earlier in the story.  It was angels who dealt with Smyler's first demonic rampage, so it shouldn't be surprising if some big-shot angel kept a piece of him in reserve, and had a way to "reboot" him.  But I suppose Bobby has always been better at clawing his way to survival through each situation as it comes, and not so hot at the higher reasoning stuff that would help him avoid getting into such situations. :-)

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