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Re: The Dirty Streets Of Heaven (re)read week 7, chps 12 & 13 *SPOILERS!*

Didn't notice much of anything in the previous chapters, but there's some stuff here:

Magpie wrote:

Nefermiw wrote:

When he sits in the Countess' car he says "...if my bosses found out...". I find it weird that the People Upstairs know everything that happens in peoples life and therefore they can judge them fairly when they die, but they won't find out that Bobby is mingling with a demon unless they are told about it.

My first instict is also, that the higher angels can see stuff by tapping the guardian angels. They seem clueless about what happened to Walkers soul as well and it's quite possible that the guardian angel was busy doing something else right after his charge died and before he went outside to check on the soul version.

Nefermiw wrote:

In chapter 13 it's all excitement and action with Bobby finally reaching the point in the story that the book opened with. But before he rushes in he thinks about how he should have done it properly and says "That was what I had been taught, ...". This is a weird thing to say. Even though he is acting like a detective it is not his job so why would he have been taught to do a full-scale prep as he puts it?

I guess it's not really a spoiler to say, that this is explained quite well later in the book, but makes you curious about Bobbies past at this point? This is indeed very unlikely to be part of advocate training. (Please correct me if pointing this like that out is not what you want in these threads, I am new to them)

The point I want to add myself, is:
How could the countess find him? He was at a "clients" place, so no one but his bosses should have known where he is.
But I guess I just solved my own problem: Her bosses knew of the death as well and sent their agent. She probably has connections that can tell her of all the deaths happening in the area and if hells advocate informs her that Bobby was on this and that case, she has the location.

Still not easy for hells advocate to inform her in time. He has to do so while still outside, or Caz won't be able to arrive in time.

Edit: This would make Bobby very vulnerable, because if Caz can find out, other hellspawn with connections can as well. So every time he's on a job, he can be found.

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