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#1 2012-09-03 17:17:23

From: Vienna, Austria
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Genealogy (spoilerific)

although i am in real life neither religious nor really interested in my own family tree, i always was as a child regarding the connections between the gods in greek and egyptian mythology and later tolkiens many family trees of eldar and atani ... so i had to make a genealogy from the most important gods, qar and men (of course there are lots of other characters who are important too in the shadowmarch tetralogy, but there wasnt enough space for them on the sheet :D)

note 1: i only used the trigonate & qar names for most of the gods (too lazy for the xixians ^^) and only names i found in the appendix who had a clear connection, because some gods are just mentioned by their name or their function in the stories, but not by their relation.

note 2: in some stories (mostly qar) in shadowplay was mentioned that bird mother laid an egg with the 2 twins onyena & surazem in it, but according to the principal gods appendix in shadowheart onyena is called "bird mother or breeze by the qar"? which makes no sense to my mind, so i took bird mother as mother of breeze and moisture which makes more sense i think ;-)


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#2 2012-09-05 10:48:05

From: Assendelft (the Netherlands)
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Re: Genealogy (spoilerific)

Skurn! Welcome back!

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#3 2012-09-05 12:13:00

From: Osten Ard
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Re: Genealogy (spoilerific)

Indeed welcome back!

Sadly I have nothing useful to add having read the entire series only once ...


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