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#1 2012-07-01 11:14:11

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Hey Tad, hey folks,

I really would like to buy your books. BUT: I can not find one shop selling them as ebook without DRM. DRM is not an option for me as I'm a Linux user and defender of Free Software. It's impossible to even download the books using Linux.
In addition I feel sure to march into problems if I buy a new reader in the future.
And I cannot see a reason why I should not be able to give the book to my brother after reading it, as this would be perfectli possible and legal with a printed book.

Wouldn't it make sense to publish your books free of DRM-crippling?

What would be your solution at this moment? Should I be forced to buy the printed book and in addtion illegaly download a DRM-Free version allowing me to read the book on my ebook-reader? I am no thief and I do not want to execute a criminal act...

Thanks and greetings from Switzerland



#2 2012-07-01 11:27:27

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Generally you need to be asking for DRM-free at the publisher level, as (excepting a few people like Doctorow), authors have very little influence on such things, frequently not having expertise to judge the best policy, and signing contracts which leave it up to their publishers to make the decisions in this field. (I know Tad is pretty clueful about these things, but even so I'd still expect him to have left it up to Daw.) So please contact Daw about this. Given Tor's recent highly-publicized switch to go all-DRM-free (see here, and here for argumentation), they should be paying even more attention than usual to signals they get from their readers about the importance we give to such things.

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#3 2014-11-17 11:29:05

From: west coast
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Ditto, I know some authors can request books be DRM free on some services (Paolo Bacigalupi does this).

I have noticed that some places that used to have a lot of DRM free books now don't - B&N and Kobo now tend to lock you into their reader by default. It's annoying if I want to change a reader program (e.g. Readmill died) and having DRM on books makes me hesitant to buy them. I do realize I can remove DRM on calibre, but since I often buy from different sources / have changed account info for them etc that gets annoying.

I personally have no qualms pirating a version of something I've paid for if no legal alternatives exist for what I want, but that's me. :)

Does anyone know where one can buy DRM free ePub books these days "by default" aside from smashwords? :/

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#4 2014-11-17 12:09:41

From: west coast
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On another note, B&N is selling Tor books essentially DRMed. I bought one a while back and went into chat support and got a refund...

"At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied."


"We're sorry, but the ability to download from the NOOK website and then sideload certain NOOK eBooks has been discontinued as part of a recent security update. Content that has previously been downloaded can continue to be sideloaded to NOOK devices. You can continue to access all your content through the NOOK Library on any NOOK device or Free NOOK Reading App as they have always been able to do. You can also continue to sideload other supported file formats."


Violation of publisher's request. :/

I can't tell if Kobo will still let me download epub files, it seems like they want them all in the kobo app.

http://www.feedbooks.com/ looks a little simple (but better than http://www.ebookmall.com), and it lists DRM options and doesn't have a reader to push onto people. They're also fighting the good fight for openness:


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#5 2014-11-27 12:01:39

From: RVA
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Mine is DRM free, Amazon makes it very easy. You check a box if you want it, and I didn't.


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