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Shadowmarch launches in Spain this month

http://www.laespadaenlatinta.com/2012/0 … liams.html

Text via google translator:

These days it is now selling the latest novel by Tad Williams in Castilian by Alamut. Its title is well known by now as we have mentioned him several times: Shadowmarch: The Frontier of Shadows. The promising start of a tetralogy that will continue in Shadowplay, Shadowrise and Shadowheart. Courtesy of publisher, we've got a copy of the novel and that we show below in a handful of photographs.

The novel has 615 pages in total, published in paperback with flaps and divided into three distinct parts. The translation is by Carlos Gardini. It also includes a glossary at the end of the book that talks about the various important people, some not so, that populate the story, places, cities, names of companies, plants, title or name of the odd pub. Not to mention that also brings four detailed maps to find when you start reading the book and we saw a few days ago in this post .

The last work of Tad Williams was published in Castilian Dragons House (Timun Mas, 2010), a collaboration with author youth Deborah Beale, but before it reached the end of the series "Otherland" by Ballantine Books with Mountain of Black Glass. But the author's home in Spanish goes back to the epic fantasy trilogy "Memory, Sorrow" (because it is the end of the trilogy if we ignore the division into two volumes of the last, Through Ghants's Nest and The Tower Green Angel), well loved by many circles of fantasy fans, but with plenty of detractors on the other.

By way of homage / comparison, we included the first volume of this series between the photographs of this fotoreseƱa, in its two hardcovers who has been published Timun But over the years. In either case, Shadowmarch: The Shadow Border is a happy return of the author on Spanish territory with one of his last works, which will delight fans of Williams, especially those who recall with nostalgia his Memory, Sorrow, that's for sure, but also try to draw attention to the many detractors of the trilogy with a new promise of adventure.

Cover and final cover of the novel, with an illustration of Stephan Martiniere was first used on the novel by Daniel Abraham, A Shadow in Summer. Just cover illustrator is another new recent editorial: Keepers of the Past, by Orson Scott Card.

Also, from the publlisher a .pdf sellsheet for the book:
http://www.alamutediciones.com/pdf/hoja … ombras.pdf

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