Tad on tour #3: Santa Cruz

Tad Williams at Bookshop Santa Cruz (photo courtesy of Deborah Beale)

Tad´s promotional US tour for The Witchwood Crown, his new Osten Ard novel, continued with an appearance at Bookshop Santa Cruz on July 9th, 2017.

As evidenced by the picture above, Tad had a great time. He posted this on his Facebook wall to say thank you:

Nice signing at Bookshop Santa Cruz tonight. Thanks to all who showed up, and the nice folks at the store, too. Got to see a few old friends as well, which is always a bonus. Evenings like this, I am particularly grateful I do what I do.

We hope to have some videos from the event soon. So, check back often.

In the meantime, we have another podcast interview Tad did with Hank Garner of The Author Stories podcast. Enjoy!



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