The Witchwood Crown: First Reviews! Plus Book Trailer & New Interview

The publication date of Tad´s long awaited full-length return to Osten Ard is drawing near! The Witchwood Crown, volume one of THE LAST KING OF OSTEN ARD will be published at the end of June in the US and in the UK. The German edition will follow in two volumes in September and November.

New book trailer for The Witchwood Crown:



The reviews:

Blog unicorn parade headlines its review with: “half love letter, half review”.

This book had me crying in the first 100 pages and yelling WHAT THE HECK throughout the last third as secrets were revealed, some characters turned out to be duplicitous, and the fates of others were not what I expected. Some of the twists were so surprising to me I had to go back and reread what I’d just read because I almost couldn’t believe it!

Trade magazine Kirkus Reviews gave The Witchwood Crown a coveted starred review and calls it an “instant classic”.

Building upon the revered history of Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, Williams has outdone himself by penning a 700-plus page novel that is virtually un-put-down-able. Powered by the dichotomy between breathtaking narrative scope and the emotional intensity and intimacy of individual storylines, Williams’ grand-scale storytelling mastery is on full display here.

And finally, Patrick of Pat´s Fantasy Hotlist has a brand-new interview with Tad. You can now read Part One here.

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