News Round-up #6

What has happened in #Tadland in the last couple of weeks:

Publication News from Germany
Tad´s longtime German publisher Klett-Cotta is keeping busy. The German edition of The Heart of What Was Lost has been out for several weeks now and continues to garner wonderful reviews from readers. Two great reviews from bloggers have been published recently, and we would very much like to share them with you here:

Simone Dalbert of Papiergeflüster reviews the book here.
Tobias Zeising of Lesestunden reviews the new book (and Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, too) here.

Klett-Cotta is also in heavy promotion mode. They published special e-book editions of the first OTHERLAND novel, City of Golden Shadows, and of the complete Shadowmarch series. Both offers will be available for a limited time only, so check your favorite e-book vendor.

Klett-Cotta is also hosting a new contest over Easter to win a Meet & Greet with Tad. The contest runs till April 30th. So, check here on how to enter the contest!

Klett-Cotta is also heavily promoting the new Osten Ard editions with huge banner displays at selected German railway stations.

Publication News from Spain
There will be a new Spanish edition of Tad´s very first novel Tailchaser´s Song, which is scheduled to be published this summer. The wonderful cover art of this new edition has been revealed this week and its glorious! Check back for more details soon.

Publication News from the UK
Tad´s British publisher Hodder & Stoughton has moved up their mass-market paperback edition of The Heart of What Was Lost to the end of June 2017, so that it will be published together with their edition of The Witchwood Crown.


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