Interviews, Podcasts and more… UPDATED 16 May, 2017

To promote the US and UK publication of The Heart of What Was Lost and The Witchwood Crown, the new Osten Ard novels in 2017, Tad has given several interviews, we would like to share with you here:

  • David Barnett published a wonderful profile/interview with Tad in the British newspaper The Guardian called: Tropes, Trolls and Trump: The Fantasy Writer Who Inspired George RR Martin. You can find out why Barnett calls Tad the “literary David Hasselhoff” here.
  • Illana Teitelbaum interviewed Tad for the American Huffington Post. Her interview is aptly called: Return of an Epic Fantasy King. You can find out why Tad wanted to write from the perspective of the Norns here.
  • Host Anton Strout of The Once and Future Podcast talks with Tad about his thirty years in publishing. If you want to learn more, go here.
  • Longtime Reader Ylvs interviews Tad in his own home about his upcoming new Osten Ard novels. This video interview is the first of four parts. Go here for part one. Part two is here. Two more parts are forthcoming.
  • Tad has done an AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview on Reddit. You can read the answers to many, many questions posted by longtime readers right here.
  • Pat´s Fantasy Hotlist has a new interview. Part one is here. Part two here.

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