OTHERLAND MMORPG officially released The game is now available commercially as free-to-play


Here is the press release from game company Gamigo:

Already heard that Otherland, the Online RPG based on the famous novely by Tad Williams, is from now on available in the commercial version?

Yes, you heard right! Thanks to the support of our lovely and loyal community, we’ve finalized the long-awaited F2P MMO with several valuable contributions.

We’ve added a new game entry and the game also received a redesigned class testing area, in which you can check out all available game characters as well as their abilities. While working on fundamental performance improvements, Otherland also received optimization of several NPCs and Quest which will round off your gaming experience!

The next major content update will contain an overworked combat system with improved enemy AI for an even more action-loaded gameplay. Also, another larger expansion around Christmas time is already scheduled with a level cap raise, new quests and a brand-new world.

Still not enough? No Problem! – Otherland will be once more available via Steam!

If you’re one of our lovely Supporters who bought the Early Access via Steam, you can find detailed information on the bonuses and other Steam related information in our Otherland Forum.

Now what are you waiting for? Join the beautiful world of Otherland now!


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