Interview with Tad Williams Questions about THE LAST KING OF OSTEN ARD

After the announcement that Tad had completed the first draft of his new Osten Ard novel, The Witchwood Crown, our partner website Osten Ard and several longtime readers from Tad´s very own message board banded together for an exclusive interview with Tad. The interview mainly deals with questions about Tad´s upcoming new series of Osten Ard novels, including questions about audiobooks, upcoming re-releases, possible book tours and other things.

Memory Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams

The interview was published in four installments on Osten Ard in English and German. French Fantasy & SF website Elbakin offered a French translation as well.

[Note: The interview was conducted before news about the two new Osten Ard interquel novels broke.]

Part one – Part Two – Part Three – Part Four

Teil EinsTeil ZweiTeil DreiTeil Vier

The complete interview in French



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