To Swim Through Time DogBlog: Tad's Facebook Posts September 3 - 5

5 September 2014


The Daily Tad

Our daughter has already decided that life is moving along too fast. She is a through and through nostalgist who just entered high school. She watches many TV programs from her (to her, distant) youth, and actively dislikes the idea of not being a kid anymore. (She also has started dating and has a very serious interest in feminism, so she’s not entirely backward-looking.) It’s most interesting, watching her learn how to swim through time.

4 September 2014


The Daily Tad


I love this picture. These people look awesome.

Leaving aside the obvious sentimental hit of it, it’s also fascinating to watch cognition going on, and to see it without a hint of self-consciousness. Or, I suppose THIS could be the first moment of self-consciousness.

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I Want To Believe.

3 September 2014


The Daily Tad

I can see your house from here. It’s beautiful.


Tad’s Mood: Getting by, thank you, with a little help from his friends.


My favorite Patrick Star impersonator.

(As the Encylopedia SpongeBobia explains, he is the deuteragonist of the SpongeBob Squarepants show.)

(I did not make any of that up.)

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