Worthy of Hello Kitty DogBlog: Tad's Facebook Posts August 6 - 8

8 August 2014


The Daily Tad

“They Toddle”, starring Roddy Piper and his weird glasses.

My white brethren and sistren need to own this so we can fix ourselves. We racist, folks.

Telling white people the criminal justice system is racist makes them like it more
A new study has important implications for the debate over criminal-justice reform.


But only for as long as he’s worthy of Hello Kitty.

You should also spay and neuter your friends and neighbors. You can never be too careful, and they’ll be cool then, just like Scooter.

Scooter The Neutered Cat Is My New Idol. Watch Him Strut His Stuff In This Hilarious Music Video!
Scooter the Neutered Cat is the hip, new face of spaying and neutering and he’s taking the animal world by storm! Learn about…

7 August 2014


The Daily Tad

Something cheerful to move your day along.

Crafted from the finest Internets.

6 August 2014


The Daily Tad

There is a THUNDERING silence about Benghazi at the moment. Haven’t heard any of my conservative friends mention it in quite some time.

Fox News Quiet After Congressional Report Finds No Benghazi Scandal
Fox News has gone silent on Benghazi amid reports that the House Intelligence Committee concluded that there was no…

Pretty much my take on things, too.

A letter to my dismal allies on the US left | Rebecca Solnit
Rebecca Solnit: Please, radical leftists, spare us the bitterness and negativity; we need hope and incremental victories and you provide neither

This has been making me happy for days. Yes, I’m slightly abnormal. So sue me.

Aquaman Animated GIF
The best GIFs are on Giphy

Poor Justin. Nobody talks about the GOOD things his horrible music accomplishes.

Man Mauled By Bear Says He’s Only Alive Thanks to Justin Bieber
A Russian fisherman says the only thing that prevented a brown bear from killing him was Justin Bieber—specifically, a ringtone…

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