Roll, Baby, Roll DogBlog: Tad's Facebook Posts August 2 - 5

5 August 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


First, you cry. Then you get out there and roll, baby, roll.

GISHWHES Update: I’ve received so many different requests for a GISHWHES story that I would either have to give up (minimum) about three to four days of regular work or simply say, I’m sorry, I can’t afford to do it. I don’t want to pick and choose who to say yes to, even though some of the friends who’ve asked me are among my dearest online pals, so I’m just going to say a blanket no, sorry. Not enough time.


I borrowed this from Brad Smith, just because it’s too cool not to share.

Peter Dinklage with a mullet and laser gun are the photos you needed today

4 August 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

Russ Meyer, king of the sexploitation B-movies. He’s dead now, so I’m assuming this was when he was alive.


From a commercial Facebook post, a collection of words that I would have been willing to bet good money I would never hear uttered in this exact order.

“…there is a lot to know about this canned precooked meat.”

There IS no “eagle plot-hole” in The Lord of the Rings, by the way. In case you’ve been seeing the same meme that I have, about how somebody “solved” it.

3 August 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

Bowie on the Carson show. Pretty sure that’s G. E. Smith (Saturday Night Live bandleader for a long time) on guitar.

Time stands still, in grainy video.

Let’s worry about something important, shall we? Like whether Justin Bieber knocked boots with Kim Kardashian’s mom, or, you know, innocent people being killed with bullets and rockets and missiles.

Should You Be Worried About Ebola? A Helpful Chart.
Here for spreading far and wide is a flow chart for stemming the tide of undue Ebola panic on social media.

2 August 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


Please do not.


Oh my dear lord, people on the internet are freaking me out today. So much anger, so much hatred. Do you really all have it that bad, that you’re spending time wishing misery and destruction on people you don’t know?

I can’t even understand living that way. It must be like having poison oak in your brain your whole life long.

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