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19 August 2014


The Daily Tad

Chicks dig the crypto-simian.


It’s true I largely boycott modern entertainment culture. Therefore I have no one to blame but myself that I only now saw the shoes Jim Carrey wore to the 2013 Oscars. I’m rethinking my stance on virtually everything.

Sports question that I (despite my vast fund of useless trivia) do not know the answer to, but one of you might:

In what inning is a major league starting pitcher most likely to give up runs?


In cano veritas, or something. My latin aside, I love this.

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I admit it. I laughed.

18 August 2014


The Daily Tad

Just to remind people this is still going on…

What It Was Like In The Streets On Ferguson’s Worst Night
After promising change, the police let loose with rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash bombs three full hours before curfew. “They didn’t give us no warning.”

17 August 2014


The Daily Tad

16 August 2014


The Daily Tad

Our band (this is not our band) is playing at a beloved friend’s party today, so I have to go off and be old and loud. Yay!

(I do think, however, that our band should seriously consider dressing like these guys.)

One of our original songs. Thanks, Aimee, for recording this.


Via Rick Cuevas: Savage Roger being silly…(left to right: Rick C, Patrick C, Tad W, and Andrew J) photo by Teresa Marovich..the fabulous party hostess… — with Patrick Coyne, Tad Williams and Andrew Lawrence Jackson.


Another photo shared by Rick: “two of my oldest and funniest friends: Tad Williams and Andrew Lawrence Jackson, at the party we played music at last night…”


And from Andrew: “And here is the photo I was taking: Epic Tad Williams (His Dudeness).”


Via Teresa: Another pic from the night of the Polynesian fork and spoon ritual of Savage Roger.

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