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25 July 2014


Tad’s Mood Today


“Yeah, yeah, I know, he’s hideous, but what can I say? He’s my kid and I love him.”


Was hoping this guy was living in a favela somewhere, washing combs for resale. No such luck. Just goes to show the horrors of real-life “socialism”.

That FL CEO Who Said He’d FIRE Everyone if Obama Elected? Guess What Happened…
“The Queen of Versailles” was a film documentary based on the sleazy time-share mogul, David Siegel, and his wife, Jackie….

24 July 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

Credit to Rick Cuevas for finding this. Nice one!

I like this. Hardball but not giving in to the worst impulses to fight ugliness with ugliness.

Payback Is a Bitch for Abortion Clinic Protestors, Thanks to a Brilliant Landlord – Imgur
Todd Stave has the unenviable position of being the landlord of a building in Germantown, Maryland, which he leases to an…

Somebody’s writing a story in their head, but they haven’t bothered to share it with the rest of the world.

CREEPY: Porcelain doll versions of little girls left at their families’ homes in CA town
Eight families in a California neighborhood awoke on Wednesday to find that someone had left porcelain dolls in front of their homes.

Like this article, too.

The Middle Earth Illustrators J.R.R. Tolkien Loved—and the Ones He Abhorred
While Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, and now The Hobbit movie may be how many modern folks see Middle Earth,…

Like these a lot.


See all 3 of artist Jian Guo’s covers for WenJing Publishing’s [Chinese] edition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy at

23 July 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

I will now begin utilizing another internet meme I just invented: “TSDR” — “Too Stupid, Didn’t Read”. (In fact, I expect to see this applied to my own posts soon.)

Sad to say goodbye to one of my favorite novelists, Thomas Berger.

Author Of ‘Little Big Man’ Dies
NEW YORK (AP) — Thomas Berger, the witty and eclectic novelist who reimagined the American West in the historical yarn “Little Big Man” and mastered genres ranging from detective stories to domestic farce, has died at age 89….

22 July 2014


Tad’s Mood Today

Admit it. You’ve been feeling clownless and forlorn.

Love this. And nice kicks, Supes!

Just Wonder Woman marrying Superman. No big deal.
I can hear your squeals from here. I can hear them as I’m writing this because this wedding IS JUST THAT AWESOME. What an addition to Offbeat Bride superhero week! Reinesha and Devan were absolutely on point as Wonder Woman and Superman for…


It’s your fault, Bruce. YOU wanted to see the stupid movie.

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