Do Not Hump the Giant Lawn Dart

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28 February 2013

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27 February 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

I don’t know if it’s Ray Wise, but it’s Ray Necessary.

“Living well” is not the best revenge. Beating someone senseless with a meat tenderizer is a lot better, and so is sticking them full of red-hot knitting needles or flaying and salting them. But living well may be the best LEGAL revenge.

26 February 2013

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As many know, I am a huge MST3K fan, and still watch the shows over and over, having graduated from video tapes to CDs and the internet. I want your favorite episode, and a one sentence reason or quote, please.

(It used to be HOBGOBLINS for sure pour moi, but SPACE MUTINY has moved up into at least a tie.)

No Lawn Darts

This is the universal warning sign for something. Either “Do Not Hump the Giant Lawn Dart” or “Do Not Dress Like Christopher Robin in Prep School Phys. Ed. While Holding Sharp Objects.” Either way, those are words to live by.

Today, I’m going to do all the other things that I haven’t done that I said I was going to do. Really.

Man, just thinking about it makes me tired. Maybe a little nap first.

25 February 2013

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Duck-Billed Dog

Any man smiles at this poor, mistreated creature, he spends a night in the box. Any man laughs, he spends a night in the box, too.

24 February 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

And in other news, General Franco is still dead.

The good thing about the hours after everyone else is in bed is that I can hear the voices more clearly. Unless I have my tinfoil helmet on.

I run into some really strange conversations in my feed. Here’s one — names redacted.

BLANK and 12 others like this.

BLANK 2: leftist women are weak helpless and stupid
why do you think leftist men are such experts on rape, and the right looks stupid every time we try to talk about it?
seriously, someone says “legitimate rape”, and suddenly there’s 20 leftist men who are highly trained experienced rape EXPERTS saying that it doesn’t work that way. How do they know?
8 minutes ago · Like · 1

BLANK 3: that idiot has no clue what to do in a real self defense situation I bet!! and yes where are the liberal women who always get so pissy if a conservitive says ANYTHING about what a woman might want to do???????!!!
6 minutes ago · Like · 1

BLANK 2: getting raped, duh.
5 minutes ago · Like

Tad Williams: “leftist women are weak helpless and stupid”. And you wonder why you’re left talking to yourselves?
3 minutes ago · Like

BLANK 2: because it’s not like leftist men rape Roman Polanski defenseless underage little leftist girls Robert Menendez I mean that never rape rape women, but they do sometimes rape them Oprah Winfrey.
2 minutes ago · Like

BLANK 3: I know some women who any one lays a hand on them, even when they do not have their guns, well I hope they are willing to fight for their lives… they are trained in unarmed combat and maintain the training.
2 minutes ago · Like

BLANK 2: find a republican who doesn’t know what they’re talking about when rape’s brought up and I’ll find you a democrat who is a confirmed rapist.
2 minutes ago · Like

BLANK 2: how many of those women are leftists?
about a minute ago · Like

Tad Williams: Right. Well, so much for intelligent conversation.
about a minute ago · Like

BLANK 3: actually not one….

I mean (Tad again) I can’t even figure out what these people are talking about. It seems to have started about Joe Biden saying women probably didn’t want AR-15s anyway, but it quickly flew away to Never-Never Land.

I have an exciting day ahead of me, work around the house fixing broken stuff, grocery shopping, and cleaning the turtle $@!% out of the turtle tank filter. Don’t know which is the most glamorous task, but they’re all the kind of thing that make my life a dynamic, non-stop party that millions envy. Dream on, fools. You’ll never be me.

23 February 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

22 February 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

One of the reason I’m so damn stupid tonight is that I wrote twenty-three or twenty-four pages today, trying to make up for the days I lost on other stuff. Two chapters, back to back. In the past I’ve seldom done that except during marathon book-ending or climactic-scene-writing episodes. Either I’m getting faster or I’m just writing worse. Worser. Worstedest. Oh, doctor, give me one of those big horse pills, will you?

B. Kliban Catsup

Since I posted a Kliban as my profile today, it wouldn’t hurt to share another of his famous cat pictures. They brought him fame and (I hope) lots of money late in his career, after many years of some of the best, weirdest, most innovative cartooning around. Seriously, if you don’t know his work, look him up.

The status bar keeps asking, and I keep answering. Where’s the profit? Where’s the reward? Come on, Facebook, why do you want to hear from me if you never send presents?

Tony T. you’re the only person named Tony I’ve befriended today. You get the Tony Award.

Reflections on Charlie’s Angels, out of nowhere:

I always believed Kate Jackson could kick my ass. Jacqueline Smith, Drew Barrymore — not so much. But Kate. Yeah, she could have done it. Probably still could. And I’m wiry for my age.

Sad news. Ayers, dead at 68. The live album with Eno, Nico, et al, “June 1st, 1974” is a classic, but his own solo work and Soft Machine work is great, too. He will be missed.

Kevin Ayers – Falling In Love Again (1976)

Deb tweets: “Klett-Cotta have confirmed that #DirtyStreetsOfHeaven will be published in July to coincide with @TadWilliams trip to Germany” (follow Deb on Twitter @MrsTad)

and from Olaf Keith via the message board: “Tad will be in Germany in July (to do some OTHERLAND mmorpg stuff), but he will also appear at the Dragon Days Festival on July 11th in Stuttgart.”

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