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4 February 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

I’ve been reading a lot of M. R. James lately, and this guy fits right in.

Hey, Facebook, unless you officially explain to me why I’m supposed to tell you whether I know someone I’ve just friended outside of FB, I’m not answering. So there. Pffffft.

See, I don’t actually know ANYBODY outside of Facebook. It’s the only way I communicate with my friends and family, too. I won’t unlock the hatch just to talk to flesh-and-blood PEOPLE. People are yesterday’s organism.

3 February 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

The excellent Kristen Schaal.

Last Sports Note: On the positive side (I knew I’d find one eventually) the 49ers will have a legitimate goal next year that should help them through those long August wind sprints.

Okay, I’ll say this: I’m glad my friends in and around Baltimore are happy. Congrats, guys.

I like Baltimore as a team fine, and I’ve enjoyed all my visits to the city. I’d be rooting for the Ravens in lots of other Super Bowls the Niners weren’t in. Well, I’m not exactly crazy about Ray Lewis, but I’ve got no general issues with the team, and I’ve also never forgiven the Irsays for stealing the Colts and dragging them off to Indiana. So, like I said, I’m glad for my Baltimore friends and their supporters.

I heard some idiot say the hold “wasn’t flagrant”. When you have two arms wrapped around a receiver and you aren’t even looking for the ball, that’s as flagrant as you can get without shooting someone.

Sorry, NFL, but unless the Niners pull off a miracle, the refs just ruined your Superbowl weekend.

By the way, I’m writing comments about writing because I had to write because I was too tense to watch the Superbowl.

I’m having some good writing days. Already four or five chapters (depending whether you count a prologue or not) into the third Bobby Dollar, SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY. I really enjoy writing these books. I try to make myself laugh. I only manage it about once or twice a book, but that’s the goal and it makes the job fun.

Hey, Aussie friends and readers, it’s official — I’m coming for Supanova in April.

2 February 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

A little Louis Jordan is my tonic.

Louis Jordan Jack, You’re Dead

Just wanted to remind you that it’s less than eleven months until it’s Christmas again. Buy now.

While I’m posting pictures of tortured animals, just wanted to remind you that it’s less than eleven months until it’s Christmas again. Buy now.

Bunnyman v2.0!

On the other hand:

Bunnyman v2.0!

It’s been a higgledy-piggledy sort of day. Wasn’t quite sure whether it was a day off or workday, which made it hard to abstain from either happily.

1 February 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

I know some of you know who this is and who he’s supposed to be. I’ll let the rest of you guess what this scenery-chewing was all about.

Thanks, Teresa and Peter. This is my kind of music.

facebook video

Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, blanket octopus!

Thanks, Bruce! Several kinds of cool. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, blanket octopus!

The blanket octopus is perhaps the only creature on earth aside from man that truly appreciates a sense of drama. For example, most animals use things like poisons, sprays or smells as defensive mechanisms to ward off attackers. Not the blanket octopus. The blanket octopus instead uses its giant, built-in flowing cloak to dissuade potential predators by essentially convincing them that it’s the ocean’s Batman.

31 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

Just from an evolutionary point of view, it’s an almost certainly fatal error to start treating corporations as human beings.

RIP Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, the Players’ frontman and guiding light. He was always a favorite of mine. Stay funky, Sugarfoot, wherever you are.

The Ohio Players – Fire

30 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

My friend Michael Layne Heath posted a cool Difford/Tilbrook song and it made me want to share one too. Thus:

Squeeze – Pulling Mussels

My favorite thing to tell an angry child: “No, no, sweetie, we weren’t laughing at you — we were laughing ABOUT you.”

My children refer to me only as “The Evil One”, and always in hushed tones. I like that.

29 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today

Sometimes I just have to hear this song.

Jr Walker and The All stars What does it take STEREO

The obstacle in your path is Happiness. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to get around it and keep going.

28 January 2013

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Tad’s Mood Today


If you click on the version of this image, you’ll see that it’s actually a GIF, and a cool one at that. And his work is very much worth looking at.

Have I told you I love you lately? Every single damn one of you. Go on, get out of here, you’ll make me cry.

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