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15 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

I find Gormley just consistently one of the most interesting people. I like his thoughts and the things they lead him to make.

14 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

13 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

Total Mr. Bill mouth — Oh, noooooo!

12 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

Haven’t been able to write or even sit at a desk much, between losing our beloved dog and the last two days with a cold. Still here. I guess it’s just, “Bizy backson”, for those who know it.

11 December 2012


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10 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

Rosencrab and Guildenstalks

Rosencrab and Guildenstalks.

9 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

This gave us a quiet sort of comfort and pleasure tonight.

Radiohead – House of Cards

Thanks Bob Eggleton – ‘This is a clip from the 2002 remake of SOLARIS directed by Steven Soderbergh that came out about ten years ago. It’s a film that was nicely made(the talent was all there) and IMHO poorly *marketed*- as an actioner, then romance etc-several ads aimed at several markets couldn’t really hit the nail on the head. When, it was really something else-a “thought piece” film. It grew on me. This clip has some of the really wonderful atonal music (I bought the very hard to find soundtrack) and, some eye popping FX work depicting the mysterious swirling planet itself. At the end of the film it had me pondering it a long long time-it asks us what is reality? It’s somewhat different from its Russian 1972 original film, and it’s meant to be so I don’t compare them.’

greatest space scene in a movie

Just good old-fashioned prestidigitation, beautifully done.

Amazing Sleight of Hand
via ClipNation

I passed my daughter as I was carrying a snack downstairs. She eyed the plate, wrinkled her nose, and said “You better not taste like SALAD when you kiss me goodnight.”

I know I’ve been quiet. I’ll post something later today. Y’all be well.

5 December 2012


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4 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

This was my day. How was yours?

This was my day. How was yours?

3 December 2012


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2 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

Just another slow Sunday evening at the Williams/Beale homestead.

Just another slow Sunday evening at the Williams/Beale homestead.

Sports note: It’s doubly unsatisfying to lose to the Rams these days, because at least when they were in LA it was a rivalry. Now it’s just a loss to a mediocre team that matches up very well against the Niners.

1 December 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

I am so burnt from taking my kids out to dinner tonight that if I was barbecue, you’d just close the lid of the grill, turn off the gas, and sell the house.

30 November 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

My poor tired wife once begged off walking over to see a shiny beetle the kids wanted to show her in a theme park — it was one of the variety seen at the bottom of the picture — and they have punished her for it ever since. “Mom! Remember the time when you wouldn’t come see that beetle and it was so cool! And we were little and we really wanted to show you? Remember? And you didn’t come over?”

The weather has been very rain-forest-y here today, endless heavy showers, no sun. Like that Bradbury story set on Venus where the rains are endless. See, I don’t care a whit that we know now Venus isn’t like that. It’s a great story. The science is allowed to be secondary or even wrong, especially after sixty years or so.

29 November 2012


Tad’s Mood Today

Actress Week is over. Sort of. There’s some controversy about Gunter.

I loves me a good Rorschach quote

I’ve avoided this cat so far, but I loves me a good Rorschach quote…

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