On the Message Board: The Dirty Streets of Heaven (re)Read, Week 1

Today, we’re kicking off the book discussion for The Dirty Streets of Heaven over on the Message Board. This week, we’re discussing the Prologue and Chapter 1.

Each Sunday, we’ll open a new thread for discussion of the next 2 chapters. Tad will be looking in on the discussion from time to time and will be available to answer questions.

The discussion threads are spoiler-free for anything beyond the current week’s chapters, so if you haven’t finished reading The Dirty Streets of Heaven, you can certainly participate in the discussion without fear of being spoiled for what’s to come.

Each Sunday, we’ll post a direct link to the current week’s discussion here on the front page and over on Tad’s Facebook page. You can also access the discussion from the Bobby Dollar Books Forum contents page or from the Active Topics page.

You’ll need a Message Board account to post comments to the threads, but anyone can read along. It’s free, fun, friendly and mostly painless! We’d love for you to join us!

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