Interview with Tad Williams on The Dirty Streets of Heaven

Stephen C. Ormsby recently interviewed Tad about The Dirty Streets of Heaven, his writing process, and more.

Stephen: This is very different for you. Why the change in direction?

Tad: I’ve had the story (and character) in my mind for a while, plus I wanted to work shorter and simpler. I’ve changed directions almost every time I’ve started something new. I generally consider myself to be more in the Zelazny or Sturgeon or Le Guin camp (ie, follow the idea) than strictly a writer of any genre or style.

Stephen: Is Bobby Dollar just a trilogy or an ongoing concept?

Tad: I’d love for Bobby to be popular enough that I can regularly add to his adventures.

Stephen: Bobby is quite an out-there (pardon the pun) character. Where did he come from? Is there a person or persons that are influences on this character?

Tad: No one person in particular. It contains more of my own sense of humor than a lot of my other work, so I guess in part he’s based on me. Basically, he’s a modern -noir- crime-solver — one guy with a little integrity, against the world.

Read the complete interview here.

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