The Groover’s Grotto: A Brief, Pre-Labor Day Bit of Update

Hello all, and hope you’re as excited about Tad’s new, imminently launched Bobby Dollar series as I am.  Meantime, your Grottomaster has been busy as well.

Of course, this means being involuntarily submerged in slightly more mundane, day-to-day quagmire than a salivatingly anticipated book series, for the most part anyway.

For those curious among you who have access to Mr. Zuckerberg’s domain, I have written about some of what’s been happening with me on my Facebook page, in a post called ‘An Open Letter to Bob Mould, August 2012’.

On thankfully more creative matters, I am hard at work on a new poetry chapbook.  Titled Unbroadcast Reruns, it will be my fifth (!) for the great folks at San Antonio poetry press Kendra Steiner Editions. Further info will no doubt be up at their website in the near future.

I had not one, but two articles in the July-August 2012 issue of L.A.’s RECORD COLLECTOR NEWS (there is an online downloaded version of it there, as is with all their back issues).

And last but not least, an effort to expand beyond my creative comfort zones (including perhaps what I toil at in the Grotto itself): I have written a script for a potential comic/graphic novel story, about unrequited affections within the LGBT community of San Francisco.  I am tentatively sending it among my spies and what little contacts I have in the comics world to eventually transform it to 2-D…will keep you posted for sure.

Meantime, kindly hold tight and watch this space, for a more typically expansive and effusive Grotto communique will arrive after Labor Day (which I hope you all enjoy), if not before. 

Salud and enjoy the waning summer days (and summer nights!!).


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