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23 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

It’s Monday. Time to strap on the Russian bear-fighting suit and get back to work…

Deborah was Googling to try to find out why we have an occasional curry smell (without curry) in one of our rooms, and found a blog by someone who was told it’s a symptom of the approach of a spirit guide.

So we might have a spirit guide, but my money’s on it having something to do with dogs and urine.

A little grey morning music.

Radiohead – House of Cards

22 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Just finished the first draft of HAPPY HOUR IN HELL. There’s still a bit of clean-up and revision before I can let anyone look at it, including my publishers, wife, and agent — I do have my pride — but the story itself is written. Think I’m going to have a short nap to celebrate. That’s me, living large.

House is in a good mood because of an excellent review for DIRTY STREETS in Publishers Weekly. Dogs are romping. Outside my office windows the sun is shining and juncos are swarming a seed cake. I’m going to enjoy this for a little while, before life picks me up again and rushes me onward.

21 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

I’M THE GODDAMN CATMAN. (Little comics in-joke.)

We had a date, the wife and I. First time in months. Didn’t go to a movie, just went out to eat at a cool place in downtown Santa Cruz. Then we went home and used this electronic magnifying science toy with our daughter to look at various things made huge that should never be made huge, like dirty carpets and a dog’s belly. Then the two womenfolk decided they had to look at their own skin and stuff and of course that was pretty much all that happened for the rest of the evening. “Eww, is that a mole? Come look, I’m serious. Is that a mole with a hair on it, or is that just a bit of fiber?”

Still, it was fun evening. Not really a conventional date, I know, but we’re not really a conventional couple.

Hello, Earth. I'm your little brother.

Hello, Earth. I’m your little brother.

This aerial view of an alien landscape was taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter near Mars’ North Pole. Image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

I bet it would be less fun to be me if, instead of a fairly wide readership to interact with, I only had one patron. Like the pope or somebody.

20 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Just having fun with tunes. I had a lot of cheesecake tonight. This is how it makes me feel. Happy me. Great song.

Brian Eno – The True Wheel

19 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

I don’t like to do things when everyone else is doing things. I need to warm up to things slowly. But then everyone else wants me to do their things when I’m finally ready to do my thing. This is why we need MORE DIMENSIONS.

Oh, yeah.

Nyan Waits

18 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Been reading Polish poetry today (in translation, I hasten to add.) Research. I really like my job.

These transition days, when I’m working but I’m not quite certain that I’m working on the right thing, are mildly annoying. Make me grumpy, even. I wouldn’t kick an innocent person, but I’d definitely consider giving a scofflaw of some kind a vigorous nudging with my foot.

17 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

I’d forgotten Clyde Crashchup was a Ross Bagdasarian joint. Each day I reclaim a little more of my drug-erased childhood. Another few years and I may remember where my parents live.

16 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

There is no day so hopeless that it cannot be at least slightly revived by listening to “Planet Rock”. Thank you for talking to me Afrika.

15 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Busy day today, so you won’t hear much from me until later. Hope y’all get good use out of your Sunday. (You antipodeans, well, enjoy the new week and leave some good stuff for the rest of us, okay?)

14 July 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Hey, rising tide lifts all boats, they say? Any other fantasy writers received a buttload of offers for TV adaptations since GRRM’s Game of Thrones has been so successful and is now coming up on its third season? You neither?

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