Otherland MMO: Q&A Videos 3-5

During his recent visit to Singapore, Tad took questions from the Otherland MMO community. We posted the videos for the first two questions here. The videos for questions 3 through 5 are now available.

UPDATE: The videos are not currently available for embedding here, The videos are now available below, and you can watch them on the official Otherland Game Facebook Page, here, and on gamigo’s Otherland Forum thread, here.

In Part 3, Tad answers a question from Jonathon from Florida who asks: “Will Otherland have a dynamic quest system so not all players will have the same quests?”

In Part 4, Tad answers Azador via Otherland NetFeed who asks: “Do you plan to play the game and what feature are you most excited about?”

And in Part 5, Tad answers Nexiom via Otherland NetFeed who asks: “How much of the MMO’s storyline have you had direct input on, and how does it tie in with the actual story?”

A full playlist of all 5 videos here.

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