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11 May 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Speaks for itself, really.

Speaks for itself, really.

10 May 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Always liked this picture of Elizabeth I. You can definitely see the “don’t-@#%!-with-ME” look that made her a champ.

If my beloved Giants don’t make it to the big dance this year, I am totally rooting for a Nationals vs. Orioles World Series.

9 May 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Charlie and Humphrey. Lifelong companions from my television childhood denied the right to a legitimate relationship because one was a horse and the other a dog.

A thought on marriage. Remember when you’re understandably getting angry at the bigotry of voting against marriage equality, most people who do it aren’t true bigots — they just don’t know many gay or transgendered people and they’re afraid of what they don’t know. That’s why things are changing, but it will still take some time. Be out and about in your community. If someone says something stupid about gay people, make sure to gently but firmly correct them, whether you’re straight or gay. “Actually, I have several gay friends who have wanted to get married for years and it really hurts them that they can’t,” will often do better at changing minds than “God, you’re so stupid it makes me sick.”

Thinking of my North Carolina friends, and my dear departed friend Dave Pierce (a huge Todd fan) here is, I think, an appropriate song. Never give up!

Utopia – Just One Victory (Rockpalast 1-8-77)

Since review copies of THE DIRTY STREETS OF HEAVEN are starting to drift out, I thought I’d say this now. I’ll repeat it when the actual book comes out in September.

This is a grown-up book. It has sex and violence and lots and lots of swearing. That said, it’s also got magic and humor and monsters and as many Big Questions as you can shake a stick at. But I wouldn’t just hand it to a young kid, like you pretty much can with most of my stuff.

Just thought I’d mention it.

Purpose of life: to constantly reorganize toward maximum fitness. True or false? I’m feeling the need of a re-org.

8 May 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

Travel well, Maurice Sendak.

In the middle of a difficult day, with the death of Maurice Sendak and a sad election result in North Carolina, I thought a little pick-me-up was in order.

Beautiful. RIP Maurice.

Beautiful. RIP Maurice.

7 May 2012

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Tad’s Mood Today

My favorite Beatle.

Melony, yet deadly.

Melony, yet deadly.

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