Otherland MMO Trailer: EightSquared

Otherland MMO EightSquared

gamigo has released a new ‘Making Of’ video focusing on the EightSquared universe of Otherland.

In EightSquared, Victorian architecture and gigantic chess pieces floating in the sky dominate this world that has sprung forth from a gargantuan chessboard on which the White and Red Armies are mired in an endless war against one another. But something has gone wrong with the simulation: The armies no longer follow the rules of warfare (i.e., rules of chess), and it’s up to players to find out where the problem lies before things get too far out of hand and cause the destruction of the simulation itself.

The video also provides a look into the “Lifecycle AI” of NPCs. In Otherland, NPCs have their own behavioral patterns and day-to-day schedules that can be influenced, to some extent, by player interaction.

Source: gamigo press release

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