The Universe Next Door: Otherland MMO

Few science fiction sagas have achieved the level of critical acclaim — and best-selling popularity — as Tad Williams’s Otherland novels. A brilliant blend of science fiction, fantasy, and technothriller, Otherland is a rich, multilayered epic of future possibilities.

After several years in development, game studio RealU, dtp Entertainment, and gamigo are pleased to announce Otherland, the Massive Multiplayer Online Game based on Tad’s epic series. The game is scheduled to be released in North America and Europe in 2012. Gamigo will handle online publishing, while dtp Entertainment will publish the retail version of this free-to-play MMORPG.

In a recent interview, gamigo’s Patrick Streppel described Otherland’s design: “While Otherland has many innovative features and twists to the traditional MMORPG-gameplay, it very much is a role playing GAME and by no means a social space similar to Second Life… Hanging out at bars and playing minigames is a cool addition, but at its core, players will find a solid MMORPG complete with interesting quests, XP-based character development, party and guild formation, individualized skills, upgradable or crafted items and most importantly, fun and engaging combat… once we debut gameplay scenes, players will see why the action-based combat system is yet another step ahead of traditional MMOGs.”

See Otherland: the Game for more information

Watch the latest trailer:

Otherland — Making Of Part 3: EightSquared

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Otherland MMO Banner Art, Concept Art and Screenshots courtesy RealU, gamigo, and dtp entertainment

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