Get Free Samples of Caliban’s Hour and The Secrets of Ordinary Farm

An Exclusive Offer — From Deborah:

We’re offering anyone who is interested, substantial extracts of Tad’s two recent books — between a quarter and a third of each novel. Simply email us [at the address at the end of this post] if you want either or both.

Caliban's Hour by Tad Williams

The first is his Shakespearian fantasy, Caliban’s Hour, a lush, absorbing historical fantasy first published to a strong response in the mid ‘90s, but unseen since then. If you like Tad’s work, we promise this will work for you. Here is the Amazon link for the [Kindle] e-book. Within 7 to 10 days the e-book will also be available on Barnes & Noble and a whole host of other sites.

Caliban’s Hour is available world-wide.

The Secrets of Ordinary Farm by Tad Williams and Deborah Beale

The second is Tad’s collaboration with me, Deborah, his all-round co-conspirator — the second novel in The Ordinary Farm Adventures series. It’s our all-ages fantasy, which means we wrote it for ourselves as the children we once were, but also think it reads nicely for kids aged 9 to 99. Ordinary Farm is anything but: the animal program there consists of mythic beasts, the literally endless house holds many secrets, and the hero and heroine, Tyler and Lucinda, are forced to fight not only for their inheritance, but their very lives and those of all the people around them, shipwrecked as they are, from across all human millennia, on the shoals of time. Here is the Amazon [Kindle] e-book link. Also, this will be more widely available very shortly, on most other sites you can think of.

A note about markets: The Secrets of Ordinary Farm is [currently] available for sale in the US and open-market Europe only. But the Quercus British hardback should be published shortly — email them to demand the publication date! (Sorry we don’t know. For some reason they won’t tell us. Bit of a mystery.)

But the large extracts are available to anyone who is interested, so if you are, just let us know and we will send them.

To request your free samples of Caliban’s Hour or The Secrets of Ordinary Farm, send an email to deborah dot shazam at batnet dot com.

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