My Old Odyssey

31 May 2011

Even the dogs, beset by house-sale events, are building themselves defensive forts.

poodle fort

A FB friend asked for the original English:

’…from “the burning man”. german translation is “Weil Liebe nicht berechnend ist sondern entscheidungen trifft und sich rückhaltslos daran hält.” — something like “because you can’t calculate love, but it makes descion and holds on to it without regard.” End of the story before the last paragraph.’

All my books are packed. Anyone have the original close to hand?

Answered by Chris Hansen
“… Because I feared to build something on blood that should have been founded on something better, I suppose. Because love does not do sums, but instead makes choices, and then gives its all.”

Thanks, Mi. Especially interesting are the waterfalls going UP…
Dramatic footage filmed from a helicopter by Australian broadcaster Channel 7 shows a series of powerful waterspouts near the coastal suburb of Terrigal…

We have been given the order: potential buyers coming. We must take to the lifeboats soon and leave only a ghost ship for viewing.

My old Odyssey was pretty pathetic even before Deb scraped a brick wall, but with dogs, kids, and the ongoing collapse of the publishing industry I keep driving it. Family in car, I had a slight argument with another driver in a parking lot, and as the other guy drives away he says, “Later, a@@hole. Nice minivan!” Still makes me laugh. I should have said, “One day you’ll be me, you poor bastard!”

30 May 2011

Okay, I don’t have to leave the house for realtors, I don’t have to fly away to another city, I’m not deathly ill. What is it I’m supposed to be doing? Because I think I could do it today.

This is grand.

Probably a little too disturbing for younger friendlies.
The 9th episode of Salad Fingers and the first for 3 years. Salad Fingers receives a letter from the great war.

I’m back. Everybody is here except son, who is on school trip to Washington. Dogs sniffed me briefly and went back to sleep. People in Houston were excellent nice. I had good. Now sleep.

29 May 2011

Posted by Deb:
Tad’s at Comicpalooza, doin the do for the Tailchaser film, and somehow our son has locked FB access from Tad’s computer, so that Tad can only post on Boy’s page. Tad is coming back tonight but round about now Boy is landing in Washington DC (with his school.) We haven’t figured out the unlock. Hmm.

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