The Dirty Streets of Heaven

19 June 2011

I love having intelligent readers. What a gift.

Happy Day of Fatherhood. Remember, real men do their share. Thanks, dads.

Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach Wood Shop. Those who can’t teach Wood Shop and also growl and bite before noon become writers. (Hint: Don’t be the one who wakes me up unless you have a long stick.)

18 June 2011

roller coaster

17 June 2011

Two pieces of news. Finished the first draft of the first Bobby Dollar book, and then instead of celebrating with a nap had to rush smallest canine off to the emergency vets to deal with a torn dewclaw, blood, and heart-rending squeals of alarm. Three hundred and seventy dollars later he is wearing a bandage halfway up his leg and being cuddled by Girl. Life comes in all shapes. Many of them are expensive.

Truer words were ne’er spoke. By the lovely and talented David Malki.

» The Tinkerer’s Handbook, Page 8 (of 8)
Check out this Wondermark comic!

16 June 2011

Everyone needs this.

Birds With Arms
Birds with arms is exactly what it sounds like. It is a picture of a bird or birds with arms, hands, clothes and other human-like features.

Getting down to the final scenes in the Bobby Dollar first draft. I’m leaning toward saving “Sleeping Late on Judgement Day” for the third volume and calling this one “The Dirty Streets of Heaven.”

The sliver of time between the end of everybody else’s day and the end of my own is a blessing of quiet.

15 June 2011

For every idiot who makes me despair of humanity, there seems to be someone like this guy who makes me like us again.

Ben Wilson Makes Art Out of Chewing Gum on London Sidewalks
The artist Ben Wilson has a peculiar passion: he paints pictures on flattened blobs of chewing gum on London’s sidewalks.

14 June 2011

God only made one Rosetta Tharpe.
Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Up Above My Head (I hear music in the air) unknown performance date (appox. around the 1960’s) on the show TV Gospel Time…


APOD: 2011 June 13 – Views from Cassini at Saturn

This is important! Timely! Actually, it isn’t, but I enjoyed it anyway. Like most American kids of my era, I was raised on a strict diet of Schulz. And thank God for that.

mental_floss Blog » 10 Peanuts Characters You’ve Probably Forgotten
Everything you need to feel smart again.

13 June 2011

Congrats to the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks and their fans. For once, I actually called the winner before the playoffs. Didn’t bet money on it, though. Wish I had, now that I think of it.

12 June 2011

Phrankie’s Philosophy: Sunbathe until it hurts.

Frankie sunbathing

A rebuttal to my previous post:

turtle not angry

The turtle wondered why he and the lizard have been living in the garage for a month. I told them, “It’s because we’re hiding you from a repressive regime that would relocate you to a holding pen somewhere in Michigan.” He looked at me with, I thought, a certain skepticism. “Yeah, like you could prove citizenship,” I said. “Now, here’s the code I’ll knock when I bring mealworms.”

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